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>> Monday, May 2, 2011

Labor day, May 1 fell on a Sunday and we attended a Born Again Christian Sunday Service. I have been into this struggle for a week now about my life and how I can improve my relationship with God. And it was a good time I had a chat with my friend Gnet then Ness about it. They both encouraged me to try attending a Christian Sunday Service.

So today is the day... It is definitely different from the Roman Catholic Mass where everything is already defined/standard and the homily is created based on the gospel. For the Born again Sunday Service, it starts will people rejoicing and singing praises to God and Jesus. Very spontaneous and the teachings are Jesus-centered. I'd say I like it a lot and is still open is attending the service again. Although as a Marian devotee myself, I had questions about how they see Mother Mary. Ness, Mon and I had a wonderful talk after the mass about Mama Mary, life, religion, beliefs.. a lot of things. It is really refreshing to attend their service, sort of renewal for me. An event that made me realize a lot of things, that I need to change some of my ways.

It will still be a long road for me but I am happy that God showed me a way to probably shorten the road and have lesser struggles. Super thankful..

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