>> Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Almost a month of hibernation is over.. So many things happened in the past weeks. If my memory serves me right, I hope I recall it all while writing this entry. Just have to make it short. ;)

I was again sent by our company in HK (last week of August - first week of September) to perform the production deployment of our system. Good that the sale period is over but that did not stop us from going to usual places such as Causeway Bay, 188 and Tsim Sha Tsui. Been drooling over Nintendo DS for quite some time since my officemates are very much into it. Two of my colleagues bought at the same time and another colleague currently in Manila requested if we could buy one for her (and just pay here when we get back to Manila). With Snow's full pocket, Ems got her request.. And to my delight, I was allowed to "test drive" Ems' DS for more than a week. :p

And most of the time, HK == food. Haha.. There's the usual street foods, default maxim's and yum cha. I got to try McDonald's Big n Tasty as well as Gnet's ultimate McDonald's craving.. the Milo McFlurry! hahaha.. We also got to try eating to authentic HK/Chinese cuisine (thanks to Peggy =) as well as dining in Watami Central. And then, there's our finale gimik at Lan Kwai Fong and Ocean Park.

That HK trip will be my last since I am about to embark to a new chapter of my/our life. One of the good things that happened to me in ISI is that I found such wonderful people that I can fully trust and that made my life a very memorable one. Knowing that I am such a cry baby, I try not to think about leaving. As they say, friendship doesn't end there rather it is a challenge to make it a lot stronger.

I already left behind the not-so-good memories that happened, for a long time now. I just treated it as learning experiences. What's on my mind now are the things that made me a more mature person that I am now.

So little time, so much to do. Preparing stuffs and reconnecting with old friends... So far, we met up with Yong and Gilbert as well as my high school barkada. We have yet to meet our college friends. I hope we can all meet them before leaving.

I'm such a worrywart these days just thinking about a lot of things. Our families, our house, our jumping dog... Haaayyy... Most of all, what's really on my mind is.. We took a big risk and with that, the future is uncertain. I don't know if we can really make it. I don't know if we can adjust easily. I don't know how to go about our lives when we're there. I don't know what tomorrow will bring. Thus, the title uncertainties came up.

But come to think of it.. there are certainties as well.. One, I strongly believe that God lead us to it.. Because He know what our hearts truly desire, to help our families more and better future for our own family as well. Along with that is the fact that me and my husband will be working closely together to pull through. The combination alone will definitely overpower all of my uncertainties. :)


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