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>> Tuesday, October 28, 2008

- Learn more on photography
It means that I want to put my love of taking pics to a higher level. We own a very good point-and-shoot cam but since I want to deepen my "digital perspective" might as well plan to buy a DSLR. Hopefully our budget will eventually permit me to buy one, probably early next year ;) ....

- Know more about digital scrapbooking and Adobe Photoshop
A nice-to-have knowledge that I can tie up with photography. If only I'm not too lazy to learn these.

- Diet and Exercise
As some of you may know, Mon and I are trying to shed some pounds and force ourselves the habit of exercising at least 3x a week. Monitoring our more than 6 weeks of dieting and a bit exercise, it seems that we're on a roller coaster ride. One day we lost a lot, the next we gained it back (or some more!) huhuhu.. We know the trend where we gain it back.. our weekend FOOD escapades! Along with our diet goal is our weekly trips to our favorite Pepper Lunch. Now you know! hahaha..

- Learn more on Java, Frameworks and Tools :))
Learning to appreciate more the programming language I'm using at work, I figured I still have a heck of learning to do considering that Java is constantly improving and new frameworks, APIs and tools are created. This would require me to check again the fundamentals. Ngii...

- Travel, travel, travel
Mon and I have already planned to travel at least once a year. We are thinking of targetting countries in Asia first before other continents. Initial list: Japan (I would like to bring my Nanay along), Malaysia and Indonesia(which we can do anytime), Hong Kong (miss ko na eh and we haven't been there together), Thailand (more sight-seeing and shopping), Cambodia and Vietnam. But since Mon really wants to visit Greece, who knows?! We might prioritize visiting Greece first among others. ANOTHER BUT! Since travel will be very costly, it is a MAJOR PREREQ to fulfill the next three items.

- Save, save, save
I think I would agree with that most people say.. "Wisdom comes with age", "A year older, a year wiser" Those are a few that I can think of now that Mon and I are in the stage of trying to "secure our future" considering that the economy is very volatile as well as our plans to have a family soon and travel at least once a year.

- Look for other additional income opps
It's not just about saving, it's about trying to make a bit more while working. So (though still vague), we have to look for ways to have a few more bucks in our pockets. Have listed some already and we hope if time permits, we can start it already. :D

- Change spending habits
Hahaha.. Seems this will be a tough one for me (and not Mon :p). Though through the years I'd say I have changed my spending habits a lot, I still think I can still improve some more. I have identified some while writing this. First, I'm so excited in buying things for our family in Pinas. I was able to buy a lot that I need the biggest box to fill up with the goodies. Lalo pa that in Singapore, everyday na lang sale kainis. For sure I will still be sending something at home but I am determined to really set a budget for it and buy the most important things first before the anik-aniks. :)) Another thing is to review our daily/monthly expenses and see where we can save more. On my part, ang daming opps to save, as in hehehe... I think the major motivator is to think that I can save it so I can send more money at home. I'm thinking of the basics, such as to cut back on some things, cook again
(lately I'm so tamad to cook) so I can bring some for lunch at the office AND stick to my phone call budget. I am also planning to have a coin bank where I'll put a dollar everytime I succeed in not spending on unnecessary things and putting 5 dollars for every item that I have bought. Parang bata... hahaha..

Haaayyyy, so little time so much to learn/do...



>> Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yes, after hibernating, I'm back.. Checking from my blog entries, my last post was July 17. Dunno if there are still people visiting my blog but oh well, writing what happened in the past months is refreshing anyway.

Since I am unemployed during the first weeks of my absence in the blog world,I have been busy with phone and walk-in interviews. There came a point where I was offered with an analyst role but got me in a lot of thinking. Should I stay in the technical side first or pursue the more functional aspect job? Whew... I decided to still be more of analyst/developer. I think that I have to strengthen my skills more technically to be more confident in a bigger role.

Being unemployed gave me a chance to arrange a short vacation here in SG for my parents. It will be this November. I had countless phone calls just to make sure that they are arranging their documents for passport processing. Though it initially got me worried 'cause I haven't secured a job, I took the risk. :p I have drafted an itinerary for them since I also have to consider the time and budget especially the “pagod" factor of my parents. I can't wait for them to be here.

Come mid-August, I found a new job. Been pretty busy at work but it is a very good timing when I joined them. They have just completed the development of the new version and is currently in testing phase. In less than a week, I am already fixing bugs and I'd say it is a good way to actually learn how the system works without my nose bleeding. hahahaha.. So far, so good.. I like the job, I like the environment and I like to stay in the company for long. :) Hopefully they are satisfied with how I work. By November, I would know if I'm confirmed as a perm staff. :D The new and bigger project is about to kickstart by next month, which makes me feel a handful of emotions.. excited and challenged of the new knowledge I'd gain, nervous on the complexity of the work that will be assigned to me, a bit anxious of overtimes, sleepless nights and dreamful nights (still of work) since that means less QT with Mon. Oh well, it's part of the job and I just have to be multi-tasking to pump the QT with Mon even I'm working late.

Moving along, Mon and I hardly go out on weekends so we mostly spend our time watching series and movies. Yes, we're addicts! Hahaha.. Since most U.S. series started their new season premieres last September, Mon and I are totally smitten in watching the latest eps. We're currently watching Gossip Girl, Heroes and of course, House M.D. (Warning on some spoilers :p)

Gossip Girl: For the first two episodes of Gossip Girl (yes, my husband watches this at mas affected sya on some scenes ha lol), I kind of got irritated with the Serene-Dan issue. Ang arte na kasi... But as the story progress, Serena becomes bitchy again which threathened the Queen B, I'd say the heat is on. :)) I hope I won't get tired soon of this teeny-bopper series.

Heroes: When Mon said he has the first two eps, I just ignored him. Haha.. I wasn't a bit excited because I have a feeling it's not that fun to watch anymore. But I was comepletely wrong! I really loved the episodes so far. I am actually getting more irritated with Hiro always messing things up and Peter totally screwing the future. Hehehe.. And not only that, Mrs. Petrelli is intriguing me. Is she really the mom of Gabriel? Or she's just "taming" his other side (Sylar)? What is she really up to? Is she a villain in disguise? Hahaha.. can't wait for the next episode...

House, M.D.: THE BEST! Grabe, I can't find the words to express how good the first few episodes are! All I know is that this series is my favorite. The actors are really really good. The writers, superbly created catchy punchlines. Wilson ditches his friendship with House. House can't accept that fact. His 3 staffs becoming House’s targets to deal with his issues. House having a new found friend in a form of a private investigator, who happens to be realy interested with Cuddy. Hehehe.. aliw talaga!

We also revived our liking on the Iron Chef (Japan) competition series. I used to watch it when I was still single at the Lifestyle Network channel of SkyCable. Of course, Mon had no choice but watch with me when he visits me at our house. After some time, he became fond of it. :p We're both Iron Chef Japan Rokusaburo Michiba fans for his creativity and unique creations. Makes me inspired to try inventing new dishes. :p

I also got a bit busy teaching Mon some dishes that he can cook for us especially that he usually arrives home earlier than I am. He knows how to cook nilaga and sinigang already and the usual "pritos". I just thought him the standard sauteing of garlic and onion and its variations when there's a need to put pork bits in the viand. So far, I have taught him that as well as the tinola and adobo. I am planning to teach him some more (probably one is the pinatisang manok, which he loves) because nowadays, I'm super lazy to cook. :p

We attended several kainans and birthday parties in the last two months. First is Weng and Yong's housewarming dinner at Pasir Ris. Mon and I even stayed there overnight hehe.. Then there's David's (my inaanak) 2nd birthday celebration and Lyle's (my co-batswan Lei's son) 1st birthday. We also had a biglaan, sort-of 1st year in SG celeb at Lau Pa Sat, Jolly-V. Another one is Weng's "Big Three-O" celeb as she calls it. :D ANd I also met a good friend having a vacation here in SG for a nice lunch and chat. SO just imagine the number of pounds we AGAIN gained.. huhuhu..

But then, we started our gradual diet plan three weeks ago. So far, not so good. *inis* We are trying very hard to have dinner only 3x a week, with the remaining four days eating one to two slices of wheat bread. Monitoring our weights is frustrating since it's like a roller coaster... up and down. *grrr* Though an additional way we did to shed some pounds is to jog and brisk walk but we aren't strict enough to ensure that we do it at least 3x a week. I know we must have unwavered determination on achieving our plan.

There you go! I hope I will be really back in track now. So happy to have posted updates. :p


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