Surprise Homecoming DS Lite

>> Saturday, January 19, 2008

As what I have posted in my blog last time, Che was deployed to Thailand for an urgent project with a valuable client. She had struggled the entire time she was there.

Anyway, now that she's back, I'm very happy seeing her enjoying my surprise Wedding Monthsary / BF-GF Anniversary / Birthday gift to her. (Too bad I forgot to say SURPRISE once again LOL! I've always wanted to say SURPRISE to her whenever I have planned a surprise but I always forget!)

She always wanted the Nintendo DS Lite ever since her ISI buddies shown theirs to her. Since that trip to Thailand will most likely not be the last one, I decided to buy her own DS so she has a stress reliever during the hard days.

I'll convince her to upload some pics and post some blog entries once she lets go of the DS Lite :) Last time I looked, she just saved the world! She finished Ouendan and unlocked the "Insane" mode. LOL!


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