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Today, I literally dragged myself to get out of bed and face the stressful thing called work. But then, this made my day...

In love with life

Fall in love again each moment with life. Breathe in the rich, new wondrous possibilities that are continually being born.
Realize what a grand opportunity exists in even the smallest of matters. Today is a day like no other, and you are magnificently blessed to be a part of all that it encompasses.

The wind blows, the sun shines, night falls, and some days bring brutal cold while others offer stifling heat. There is beauty, there is tragedy, and there is exquisite fulfillment along with bitter disappointment.

On the surface, life is filled with much adventure, activity, change, confusion, excitement, joy and frustration. Underlying it all you'll find abiding peace and goodness that can never be denied.

You have the unique, unmatched good fortune of being you, right here and right now. Take a brief moment to realize and remember who you truly are.

Then look out at the vast expanse of possibilities that surrounds you. And dive lovingly into it in your own special way.

-- Ralph Marston

'Tis so enlightening but really hard to apply. Life is too short not to enjoy things. Too bad there are moments that you'd be too glad to erase from your life but simply can't. That's reality. What will make it different is how you deal with it.


Who the hell is Ken Lee?

Maybe you'll figure out by watching this:


Bits 'n' Pieces

It's so pathetic. I haven't blogged for a while and it is all due to stress.. Yes! Stress due to work. It affected my drive to write (which I don't want to regret but thinking of it now, I do).

But then, hubby and some friends keep bugging me to update my blog. I then realized that I really need to (BADLY) since my blog is the very best way to connect with friends. Yes, there are "real-time" ways like IM and text/call but most times it isn't possible (for me! arrggghhh!!).

Now here's the very long update. Hopefully, friends are still visiting from time to time (kahit na walang kwenta entries ko hehe).

Life in Singapore

So far, it's mainly all about work. And I hate it! hahaha.. My job here really put me to the test. I was assigned to a very critical project. What's worse is that the schedule has been compromised apparently because the sales manager immediately committed to the schedule without really consulting the development team if realistic. Kaasar!!!

At first it is really exciting and challenging, considering that there are a lot of new things to learn, people to meet and places to go to. I have been under a lot of pressures and work stress considering the number of years I've been working in IT (7++yrs na! hahaha) but nothing compares to this so far. My current job requires me to do all the legwork (meaning development, research, production support, coaching (yes, my PM needs coaching since she has very little knowledge on server-side apps)), deal with a supposed teammate and oh! face/communicate with the clients.

Doing all the job is very manageable IF I already have the sufficient knowledge of the company's products. Since I am very pressed with time and the clients are really really really really really really demanding, I most of the times stretch myself to the limits just to support and give answers right away.

Also, I have to render a lot of OT just to meet the project sched. And that means I worked during the Christmas season. I even flew very early to Thailand last January 1 since my ever panalong PM told me that the client will work on that day. As soon as I arrived, the sales manager told me it is holiday so I just have to stay at the hotel. Had things been properly arranged, I would have settled for the last flight. haayyy.. I (and a colleague) even got sick since we always go home really really late.

I don't want to tell all the details here but bottomline, I am one of the so-called "hinog sa pilit" and "sundalong pinasugod sa giyera na iilan lang ang bala". Although I can still manage, I feel exhausted already even though I just joined three months ago. Good thing I only have a 6-month contract with them. Haaayyy.. Just pray for me that I will completly survive the next three months. :-s

BUT despite of all these, there are a lot of things that I am thankful for. I get to meet new people. I get to really feel how it is to work with other race (of course may okay may hindi hehe). I have travelled to Thailand (kahit na ngaragan ang stay ko). Finally, God has really blessed me with wonderful people around (or else I'll go out of my mind). My husband is ever supportive of me eventhough he has his own struggles at work during that time. My housemates and friends always have an ear to listen to me when I rant about work.

OKAY OKAY! Enough about work..

A Bagful of Birthday Present

He actually made an entry about it here (see previous post). He gave me his birthday present after I came back from Thailand (Jan 15). He gave me a SGP bag with 2 SGP notebooks (haha!), a DBS 2008 calendar, TODAY newspaper and a Nintendo DS Lite. Hehehe.. Other items are just fillers for the bag. The TODAY newspaper is very significant since I always remind him to get that free newspaper every morning at the MRT station.
Of course, the highlight is the NDS. I was really overjoyed and delighted that finally I have my own.

I started to like NDS a lot since it is a hype at our office. I remember the times na nakikilaro or nakikinood lang ako with colleagues (kakarelate din si Reeyuh dito hehehe). When I was in HK, I kept bugging Mon to give his go signal for me to buy. He said it's up to me but specifically reminded me of our "ipon" target for Singapore. With that, I put off buying it.

When we came here in SG and found a job, I felt that it is okay for me not to have it. Probably got over the hype already. But now that I have one, it became my stress reliever. hehehe.. And of course, Ouendan's the best! ;p Even got the S rating. See here. :)
Home Sweet Home
Despite of the stress at work, Mon and I got the chance to have a very short vacation in the Philippines. I am so happy to see our families and friends. I also got to celebrate my birthday there. Too bad we only stayed for a few days. I really missed them a lot. Hoping to have a longer vacation by the end of this year. But we would definitely spend more time with families. Probably go out of town and just relax. Mon actually posted entries about it. This and this.

Hey, I'm Pregnant!

They say that pregnancy symptoms are usually the same with pre-menstual symptoms. Tin and I have been watching the dates of my period and for the past weeks and I have feeling a lot of things. And it is not the typical pre-mens symptoms. I always wake up having this nangangasim na sikmura thing.

Anyways, I became more paranoid when my HS bestfriend told me the very good news that she's pregnant. I kept asking Mon if he's okay with it if ever. He actually became excited about it. He planned on buying an ipod if ever. I even woke up really early morning with him rubbing my tummy. So sweet!

Days passed, the symptoms keep on making me super curious. I don't want to test right away since my period has been delayed ony for a few days. Then, just the other day, I had this dream. The particular scene that I remembered is I went to the comfort room to pee but when I am in there, it seems that I'll be taking a shower. Then while taking a shower, blood suddenly flowed out of me. Dreams are really connecting to whatever's bugging me.

Woke up, ate breakfast and read a book. Suddenly felt the urge to pee, and then.... false alarm! It's just pre-menstrual symptoms. :( Sad sad.. But it probably isn't time yet. We are not actually planning to have it this soon anyway. Though I am sure Mon and I will be super duper happy about it. Better luck next time hehe..

Etc Etc Etc

My colleague is reading this book by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner called Freakonomics. I saw the gist and knew instantly that Mon will like this book. So we bought the book (good thing there's 20% off) and Mon got hooked. I am actually reading it and it's good and very interesting. Very diverse analysis I'd say. Just go to this site for more info.

I am hoping to read more books this year. :) Maybe you can suggest of what other books are interesting. :)

On another note, for the past few months that we're staying here we have managed to invest on some gadgets necessary to keep us sane and in touch especially that we are away from the family. Hehehe.. All these were bought from the IT show last December and just this March.

HP Pavilion Laptop - Mon struggled if he'll be getting this or a Fujitsu laptop. He's very particular with quality. This won his vote due to many freebies. Hehehe.. we got a printer, scanner and copier in one aside from other stuff. :)

Sony Cybershot T2 - Love it love it! hehehe.. This has 4gb internal memory, face recognition, smile shutter and touch screen lcd panel. :D

Western Digital My Book External Hard Drive - Mon's new baby aside from his kinokos.. This 1 Terrabyte hard Drive will serve as the main storage of our files. Just have to ensure that files won't get corrupted. :)

Long post! :) I got my groove back! Hahaha..


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