>> Monday, March 10, 2008

Today, I literally dragged myself to get out of bed and face the stressful thing called work. But then, this made my day...

In love with life

Fall in love again each moment with life. Breathe in the rich, new wondrous possibilities that are continually being born.
Realize what a grand opportunity exists in even the smallest of matters. Today is a day like no other, and you are magnificently blessed to be a part of all that it encompasses.

The wind blows, the sun shines, night falls, and some days bring brutal cold while others offer stifling heat. There is beauty, there is tragedy, and there is exquisite fulfillment along with bitter disappointment.

On the surface, life is filled with much adventure, activity, change, confusion, excitement, joy and frustration. Underlying it all you'll find abiding peace and goodness that can never be denied.

You have the unique, unmatched good fortune of being you, right here and right now. Take a brief moment to realize and remember who you truly are.

Then look out at the vast expanse of possibilities that surrounds you. And dive lovingly into it in your own special way.

-- Ralph Marston

'Tis so enlightening but really hard to apply. Life is too short not to enjoy things. Too bad there are moments that you'd be too glad to erase from your life but simply can't. That's reality. What will make it different is how you deal with it.

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harbie Wed Apr 23, 06:52:00 AM  



that's life. it's hard to be motivated at times, but it's ok, we're only humans. the best part is when we have awakenings. like this one.

hang in there gurl! =)

Did You Know? Wed Apr 30, 08:11:00 PM  

helow po!! pwede po ba pa exchange links??? I have added you na sa blog ko before pa. sana po ma add nyo rin ako. Maraming Salamat Po!!! God Bless!

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