Bye for now Singapore..

>> Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hello Pinas!

Today's our flight and so far, we don't have any problem with Riley. Hopefully he won't cry or have some tantrums when be board the plane.

He woke up just before we are about to go to immigration. We went to the playground for him to try the toy pony. He's very serious because he just woke up so see the uber-serious baby riding the pony. Hehehe..
Praying for a safe flight. :)


On Going Back Home..

>> Thursday, May 12, 2011

In two days' time, we're heading back to Pinas. We went home last December-January to spend the Christmas season and New Year with our families. Now, we're going home since it is the 70th birthday of my father-in-law. :) Hubby is really looking forward to this vacation since it is an important milestone in his dad's life and he's really sure that everyone will be very fond of Riley since he's already big and interacts more than our last vacation. :)

It is just a 9-day vacation and we want to make the most out of it. I just hope and pray that it will be a wonderful one. :)


Daddy Loves to Give Riley a Bath

>> Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We have attempted to give him a bath at the bathroom already. The third time, there was an accident where he slipped on his tub. His face hit the side of the tub and it seems that after that, he does not like to take a bath there anymore. :(

So for now, we returned his bath time location at our very reliable dining table haha! It's a bit of a challenge now to give him a bath because he either likes to hold the water or stand. He plays his usual "splish-splashing" of water so imagine the dining area with overflowing water hehe..

I am so happy seeing hubby enjoying the bath time moments with Riley. A really good sign that they'll bond well as Riley grows up. :)


The Me Day!

>> Sunday, May 8, 2011

me and my "bubblehead" :p

Yes, it's a me day since it's mother's day! :) Weng and I booked Vintage Salon for our hair treatment services. Sometime last March I think, we bought vouchers to this salon for a package treatment. I arrived there first and I was immediately accommodated. They offered drinks while I wait for Weng and when she arrived, the treatment started. She got the scalp treatment while I got the hair coloring treatment. It was such a wonderful and relaxing moment for me -- something I have not done for soooo long. And aylavet! :)


Pacquiao vs Mosley

And I thought this will be one of the very challenging and one-of-a-kind fights of Pacquiao to date. But I'm wrong. It looks like Pacquiao only had a sparring and practice session. A boring fight to think that we subscribed to Starhub's sports bundle just to watch it without problems. Haayyysss...

Anyways, here's the food I prepared while watching the game:
My creamy mushroom shrimp pasta and modified version of halo-halo (i.e. whatever ingredients that will pass as halo-halo - corn, nata de coco, macapuno)

And whoah! When I saw Jinkee Pacquiao on tv, shocking! I captured her image as well as Pacquiao's praying and giving thanks and combined it together. Here it is!
What a transformation! Hehehe.. She looks different and for me, seems like she wants to look like Kristine Hermosa. :p Belo is really good in transforming her ha! Oh well, I have nothing against making yourself more beautiful but I have seen a lot of celebrities having a procedure gone wrong (READ: one facial expression for all emotions haha). She just have to know the boundaries of the procedures she'll allow to do to herself because as they say, "Nasa huli ang pagsisisi" hehe..


Happy Birthday Daddy!

>> Thursday, May 5, 2011

Last night was just a simple celebration for us.. Our usual bonding moment when it was only just the two of us. Dinner and movie date. Oh yeah yeah, it's boring for some but to us, it's actually fine especially that we haven't been doing it a lot for a while now. :) For hubby, it is still a very nice way to celebrate because his birthday is just in time for the Thor movie. Being a Marvel fan himself, he won't let this pass! :)

So after having a so-so dinner at Big-O cafe Paragon, we just roam around for a bit at the Paragon. The place is really different during weekdays as it looks very deserted, in a spooky kind of way. :) We got used to Paragon having a reasonable amount of people inside it probably because we usually go there in weekends (my OB's clinic is at Paragon). After a while, we decided to go to Plaza Singapura since it is nearby The Cathay, where we will watch a movie. We went to a Lego store and found out that there's Lego Minifigures Series 4 Already! We haven't even completed the Series 3 yet! Oh my! Guess what happened next?

We went to The Cathay and stayed at Starbucks for a while. Hubby must have his birthday cake! Bought him the chocolate cake and his ever favorite, Java Chip Frappucino. And oh! It is not only me who greeted him happy birthday but the minifigs as well. Hahaha..

Happy happy birthday Daddy! Everyday is wonderful because of you and I thank God for that. :) Please bear with my shortcomings, believe it or not, I am a work in progress.. to be a better person. I love you so much!


Good Food, Good People...

means it's Wednesday lunch fiesta once again. It's sunny today so we had lunch at the picnic area near our office building. I realize we are not taking much pics of the food and we immediately dig in hehehe.. That's why most of my post are group pics. hehe.. Well, today is no exception. :)


Church on Labor Day

>> Monday, May 2, 2011

Labor day, May 1 fell on a Sunday and we attended a Born Again Christian Sunday Service. I have been into this struggle for a week now about my life and how I can improve my relationship with God. And it was a good time I had a chat with my friend Gnet then Ness about it. They both encouraged me to try attending a Christian Sunday Service.

So today is the day... It is definitely different from the Roman Catholic Mass where everything is already defined/standard and the homily is created based on the gospel. For the Born again Sunday Service, it starts will people rejoicing and singing praises to God and Jesus. Very spontaneous and the teachings are Jesus-centered. I'd say I like it a lot and is still open is attending the service again. Although as a Marian devotee myself, I had questions about how they see Mother Mary. Ness, Mon and I had a wonderful talk after the mass about Mama Mary, life, religion, beliefs.. a lot of things. It is really refreshing to attend their service, sort of renewal for me. An event that made me realize a lot of things, that I need to change some of my ways.

It will still be a long road for me but I am happy that God showed me a way to probably shorten the road and have lesser struggles. Super thankful..


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