Still Worried...

>> Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's been 2 days since I heard "THE" bad news. Though a lot of people have been hearing the same bad news lately, still, it is very hard to take once you knew it reached somewhere very near you.

I wasn't able to concentrate at work last Friday, though I did manage to solve some bugs. That day was all about assumptions, speculations, stress, sadness and paranoia. I am just thankful that God has blessed me a lot and spared me from being directly hit by it.

But obviously, i'm still bothered by it. As starting last Friday, it has been more evident of tougher days ahead, full of uncertainties. Haaayyyyssss, I really hope and pray that there'll be no more bad news to hear. I need to move forward and face life with more strength.



Green With Envy

>> Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yes, I'm green with envy. I finally bought Mon's birthday gift (2wks delayed), an Iphone 3G. It's so good 'cause it's all-in-one gadget. Especially that Mon doesn't like to carry so many things, so I guess it's THE ONE. :p

And what's soooooo nice is that here in Singapore, there are so many wi-fi hotspots that you can go to for free internet access. :p I'm so glad he liked my gift, but still green with envy. I have to start saving for my own Iphone 'cause I'm super inggits. haha..

Also, there's Skype application that will allow you to call from your Iphone to someone logged to skype! I can call my family for free haha! I can just imagine how I will be saving money in the long run. I practically call home everyday, usually before I go to work. Since the building near us has free wi-fi and we now have Starbucks nearby, I can just call anytime I want. :p

Or maybe, I am just making up reasons to justify my 'need' to buy one. haha.. In time, I'll have my own. Once they release the new version haha! :p


Commercials I Love

>> Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mon loves them too.. hehehe.. Blame it on TFC haha..

Worse, we suffer LSS after hearing them. :D And oh, we just adore the little girl in the Camella Homes commercial :D

Western Union

Camella Homes


High (Lighthouse Family)

One of my favorite way back 90's.. Can never get tired of listening to this. Especially that the message is very inspiring. :)

I saw this instrumental version in youtube.. So feel free to sing along with the music.. hehehe.. (Cheesy ba? :p)

When youre close to tears remember
Some day itll all be over
One day were gonna get so high
And though its darker than december
Whats ahead is a different colour
One day were gonna get so high

And at
The end of the day
Well remember the days
We were close to the edge
And well wonder how we made it through
And at
The end of the day
Well remember the way
We stayed so close to till the end
Well remember it was me and you

cause we are gonna be forever you and me
Youll always keep me flying high in the sky of love

Dont you think its time you started
Doing what we always wanted
One day were gonna get so high
cause even the impossible is easy
When we got each other
One day were gonna get so high

And at
The end of the day
Well remember the days
We were close to the edge
And well wonder how we made it through
And at
The end of the day
Well remember the way
We stayed so close to till the end
Well remember it was me and you

cause we are gonna be forever you and me
You will always keep me flying high in the sky of love

High, high, high, high...



>> Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Haayyysss.. Ang aga-aga, nairita na agad ako. Dati kasi, malapit sakin yung copier sa office. Tapos one day, etong magaling naming hr, sinabihan ako na may tatawag daw sakin about the copier. Parang ako huh? Ano kinalaman ko sa copier. So sabi ko na lang, about what? Sabi nya about the reading. As in ganun ha.. walang please please, walang thank you. Na parang part ng job description ko ang asikasuhin ang copier na yan. Pero sige, ok lang, kasi hindi naman cguro araw-araw magmi-meter reading no. So tumawag na nga, at naku ha mejo masungit. Pero sige, kebs lang. Pagbigyan. Shrug off.

Tapos ngayon tumawag na naman. At sabi ko, hindi na malapit saken yung copier. Baka pwedeng tawagan na lang nya hr namin para masabi sa kanya kung kanino na pwede magpa-meter reading. Hindi daw nya alam ang number. Eh hindi ko din alam yung direct line (at wala sa outlook namin yung info) so sabi ko tawag na lang sa trunkline at magpaconnect. Pa-dismiss ba naman ang sagot. ok, sige na daw. Grrr... Hindi nag-thank you! Napaka-gracious. Winner.

Haayyyzzz.. ang buhay nga naman..


Bawang Anyone???

>> Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Saw this at Watson's.. Initially, nde ko maatim na gamitin dahil sa name. Lalo na nung I tried smelling it.. hahaha.. Sayang si Jackie Chan pa naman ang endorser. :p Would you use it?


Rainy Days and Some Kwento

It's been raining since yesterday and I don't like it that much. Hours before the rain, it's really really hot. Lightning and thunders are very frightening. It looks like it's already 7pm when it is just 11AM since it is very dark. If you're going outside, for sure you'd be wet. What makes me not like it that much is that it makes my mood gloomy. Oh well..

And now (12:20pm), just as I am about to go out and buy lunch, the sound of a very loud thunder shocked me. Looking outside (can't see the windows in my place), it again looks like 7PM. :( Haaayyzz... My growling tummy made me fo outside though it's already raining. Worse, the queue at Subway is sooo long (due to their 5.90sgd promo hehe..) So cge na nga, no complains na.. hehe..


Yesterday, I didn't have work. It was in lieu of last Saturday's holiday here in Singapore called Vesak Day. Until now, I don't know what that is. hehehe..

Good thing that it was Mon's first day of no work, we spent time together. :D We planned on going to Marina Square before lunch time 'cause I need to buy clothes for a friend's wedding this weekend. Then it rained hard but the persistent us still went outside and just thought of hailing a cab so we can go straight to Marina. But outside, it was difficult to get a cab and in a matter of seconds, we're already soaking wet. The umbrella is not much of a help as the wind is blowing in all directions. The next thing we know, we were running back to our place and just waited until the rain subsided. (tungengeks di ba? haha)

Anyways, we just spent probably an hour and a half for shopping. I bought 2 tops and leggings. So happy sa mga nabili ko... I still have to try everything together this evening though. :)


Since Thursday last week, I was restless. Mostly because I am taking mental notes of what I want to do... Eh ang dami hehehe.. ayun, kagulo what should be done first. Until now pa din actually. Probably I should list them down na talaga.


Just now (2:30pm), I felt soooooooo sleepy.. Can't afford na antukin for long so timpla na naman ng coffee. Kainis.. it meant that my aim for complete coffee withdrawal at work is a bit impossible. Basta less sugar na lang for now. hehehe...


8 Things...

Just snagged this from Jane's. Feel free to create your own if you want to.. :)

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To

  1. Great Singapore Sale! hahaha...
  2. My friends' SG trip this July and November
  3. Completing my blog layout update
  4. Month of June (no weekend work for Mon)
  5. A wedding this weekend
  6. Seeing Cel, David and Daniel (by now, they should be here in SG)
  7. New season of Heroes
  8. Trip back home

8 Things I Did Yesterday

  1. Updated 'the' budget
  2. Cooked lunch
  3. Played Pet Society in FB :p
  4. Went to Marina Square with Mon and bought some clothes for the upcoming wedding :D
  5. Watered Mr. Basil
  6. Organized the kitchen cabinets
  7. Blog, blog, blog!
  8. Chit chat with Monching :)

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

  1. Travel the world with Mon and my family (esp Europe)
  3. Retire early, having truckloads of funds to finance any business and luho hehe
  4. Reverse bungee jump
  5. Learn and be very good at one(or more) of my interests
  6. Sing again..
  7. Keep my loved ones and me from getting sick
  8. Be the best wife, mom and daughter that I could be

8 Shows I Watch

  1. House, M.D.
  2. Heroes
  3. Gossip Girl
  4. Chuck
  5. Friends
  6. Samantha Who
  7. Monk
  8. CSI (Las Vegas, NY, Miami)


New Look... (Updated)

Finally, after months of procrastination, I've changed my blog's layout. Yiiipiiieee! This is still a work in progress as I haven't really adjusted the layout to what I really want. In the next few days, I SHOULD have:

  • changed the font styles
  • adjusted the width of all columns and make blog posts column bigger
  • resized the my profile picture to fit the new column width
  • added some more widgets
  • selected a header picture from the shots I've taken using DiXie (Yes Weng, we changed the name na haha.. Mon came up with this. :D)

I think this change will make me want to write some more here. These are the times that my mind can't seem to coordinate with my urge to write. A lot of things have happened/been happening and still, no updates. Oh well.. the items I have listed above should keep me going.. :)

[Update] Just found out that via Firefox, the third column of the main page is not aligned with the rest of the columns. It is displayed below the other ones. Haayyyzzz.. Seems that it'll be more work than what I imagined. :(


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