Green With Envy

>> Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yes, I'm green with envy. I finally bought Mon's birthday gift (2wks delayed), an Iphone 3G. It's so good 'cause it's all-in-one gadget. Especially that Mon doesn't like to carry so many things, so I guess it's THE ONE. :p

And what's soooooo nice is that here in Singapore, there are so many wi-fi hotspots that you can go to for free internet access. :p I'm so glad he liked my gift, but still green with envy. I have to start saving for my own Iphone 'cause I'm super inggits. haha..

Also, there's Skype application that will allow you to call from your Iphone to someone logged to skype! I can call my family for free haha! I can just imagine how I will be saving money in the long run. I practically call home everyday, usually before I go to work. Since the building near us has free wi-fi and we now have Starbucks nearby, I can just call anytime I want. :p

Or maybe, I am just making up reasons to justify my 'need' to buy one. haha.. In time, I'll have my own. Once they release the new version haha! :p

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