I'm In Seventh Heaven! The Marie Digby Update: Part 1

>> Monday, May 12, 2008

Indeed I am in cloud nine! Just so happy now. Here it is! :)

May 9 - Velvet Underground, Zouk

Mon and I took a bus to the place since there's a direct bus from our place to Velvet Underground. We arrived at Zouk around 7:15PM already and the line is quite long already. The line consists of all sorts of nationalities that I can identify (locals, Malaysian, Indian, Indonesian, Americans, Filipinos). We are actually already at the pathway to the hotel parking area. Within 10-15mins, the line went al the way down that we weren't able to see where it ends.

We were actually getting quite impatient because they said that entry to the venue will start at 7:30PM. It's humid and hot outside and good thing I bought my ever reliable battery-operated fan. Else, I'll be soaking wet in sweat! Hahahah.. Gross.. I think we got in around 8:15 already.

The place is actually small, the stage within reach. But since I am not tall and we're already in the middle part of the ????, we hardly see the stage at all. Added to that the three tall guys (one with really big hair) standing right in front, therefore blocking all the other "fans" good view of the stage.

The deejays of the Singapore radio station co-sponsoring the event came and introduced Marie Digby. :) Woooo! In an instant, cameras are flashing just about everywhere (including mine haha)! She's very much into maintaining small chit-chats with the crowd in between her songs. She sang "Say it Again" first, followed by "Umbrella", "Stupid for You", "Unfold" and the finale is the song she wrote for Gap, "Paint Me in Your Sunshine". A very short event but really worthwhile. :)

Video I took of her singing unfold (EDIT: quite a few comments that the audio is really good... dunno if our cam has a nice noise filtering feature, or our super stretched arms while taking the video paid off -with matching tingkayad, or the crowd is not that noisy - in SG when someone sings, they listen intently with minimal shouting hehehe)

Some photos

What I actually like about her, is that her voice is really genuine and unique. :) Really refreshing to hear her sing. :) Too bad I didn't had the chance to meet her. Seems that she had the actual media interview after her gig. Oh well, still hopeful for the following event....

*** TO BE CONTINUED... ***



>> Wednesday, May 7, 2008

That's what I am feeling right now BECAUSE......

When the sun shines we'll shine together..
Told you I'll be here forever..
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath, I'mma stick it out 'til the end

Hehehe.. (nubayun napakanta pa talaga) I'm so happy. :) The actual reason is... I got the invitation to Marie Digby's event on the 9th! How? Well... I purposely dropped by Gap at Suntec City yesterday and inquire about getting the invitation. Whaddayaknow?! With a minimum of 100SGD purchase at Gap, I'll get the ticket for two! Yahoo! Not only will I get to see Marie, I also have a very good excuse to buy something! ;)

I got the reddish hobo bag and a beige cap for my hubby. I asked the cashier if I can get the invitation even if my purchases did not reach a 100SGD (just almost a hundred), she said yes! Yey! I also got Marie's poster. Yey yey! Plus, a Loreal sampler kit. Nice nice nice!

Can't wait for Friday to come. I get the chance to hear Marie live!

Haayyy... Can't wait for Friday to come! ;)
*currently loving her song, Say it Again.. Here goes.. ;)


The Many Faces of Mon..

I'm so happy that he really liked my gift to him. :)


Happy Birthday to My Baby!

>> Monday, May 5, 2008

Yesterday was Mon's birthday and we had a very simple celebration with few friends at home. Cooked something for him and just hang out the whole day. Here are some pics :)

To my dear husband, hope you had fun. We have grown so much better together and I am really proud of it. Thanks a lot for being supportive and understanding. And as they say, a year older is a year wiser. The few months of this year might be quite difficult for both of us but I am confident that we will pull through. I love you so much be! Mwah!


Clarke Quay Experience

Singapore River Alkaf Bridge

Welcome! Weird Shape hahaha...

Azabu Sabo
Japanese Dessert Time! Yum!
Next Time Ulet!


Marie Digby in Singapore

[Edited: Weird that the image can't be clicked. Posted a larger image.]
Yeah! She'll be here on the 9th and 10th of May. So excited! hehehe.. Too bad that her show on the 9th is "by invitation only" event. Just have to be contented on her show at Wisma Atria on the 10th. :)

Being a super fan, I joined myspace just for her hahaha.. I took the chance and sent her a message and she replied! So happy Here it is:

Hopefully no deployment for our Thailand project this week. I am planning to talk to my PM that I have an important commitment (nhux!) that I cannot get out of. I wouldn't miss this rare chance! I will definitely be at Wisma Atria on the 10th! ;)

She also has the free live webcast concert sponsored by Pepsi and DeepRockDrive. :) It will be on the 18th of May, 3PM PST (Wondering what exact time is it in Singapore).

So excited! :)


What's Up?

>> Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lots of things happened for my almost 2 months of hibernation. :) Would probably need to highlight just a few things. Work? Nah! hehehe.. Anything but work...

Suprise, Suprise!

One fine day, I received this:

My husband ordered this online just for me! How sweet! Thanks be! Mwah! He really knows I am a Marie Digby fan. Find out about her here and here. I have been listening to her CD, watching the bonus DVD ALL THE TIME!

THEN!!!! I heard she's coming here in Singapore. She'll be here on May 9 and 10, the 9th of May being "by invitation only" event. Huhuhu... Wonder how I could be invited. On the 10th, she has an autograph signing at Wisma Atria.. Of course I'll be there! ;)

Bowling Night

It's been i-can't-remember-when that Mon and I went for bowling (Mon said more than two years). 'Twas still in the Philippines... Good thing, Cel invited us to join them.. Good that the cost is just about the same in Pinas, at least we can plan to do it more iften. We had so much fun!

Sentosa Trip

This is a biglaan trip with our housemates. Very refreshing considering the work pressures that all of us have been experiencing for a few months. It was actually our first visit (Mon and I) to Sentosa (pathetic!) hehehe.. Oh well, as they say, Singapore is too small so we shouldn't rush too much on visiting places. :D


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