I'm In Seventh Heaven! The Marie Digby Update: Part 1

>> Monday, May 12, 2008

Indeed I am in cloud nine! Just so happy now. Here it is! :)

May 9 - Velvet Underground, Zouk

Mon and I took a bus to the place since there's a direct bus from our place to Velvet Underground. We arrived at Zouk around 7:15PM already and the line is quite long already. The line consists of all sorts of nationalities that I can identify (locals, Malaysian, Indian, Indonesian, Americans, Filipinos). We are actually already at the pathway to the hotel parking area. Within 10-15mins, the line went al the way down that we weren't able to see where it ends.

We were actually getting quite impatient because they said that entry to the venue will start at 7:30PM. It's humid and hot outside and good thing I bought my ever reliable battery-operated fan. Else, I'll be soaking wet in sweat! Hahahah.. Gross.. I think we got in around 8:15 already.

The place is actually small, the stage within reach. But since I am not tall and we're already in the middle part of the ????, we hardly see the stage at all. Added to that the three tall guys (one with really big hair) standing right in front, therefore blocking all the other "fans" good view of the stage.

The deejays of the Singapore radio station co-sponsoring the event came and introduced Marie Digby. :) Woooo! In an instant, cameras are flashing just about everywhere (including mine haha)! She's very much into maintaining small chit-chats with the crowd in between her songs. She sang "Say it Again" first, followed by "Umbrella", "Stupid for You", "Unfold" and the finale is the song she wrote for Gap, "Paint Me in Your Sunshine". A very short event but really worthwhile. :)

Video I took of her singing unfold (EDIT: quite a few comments that the audio is really good... dunno if our cam has a nice noise filtering feature, or our super stretched arms while taking the video paid off -with matching tingkayad, or the crowd is not that noisy - in SG when someone sings, they listen intently with minimal shouting hehehe)

Some photos

What I actually like about her, is that her voice is really genuine and unique. :) Really refreshing to hear her sing. :) Too bad I didn't had the chance to meet her. Seems that she had the actual media interview after her gig. Oh well, still hopeful for the following event....

*** TO BE CONTINUED... ***

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