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>> Thursday, June 12, 2008

Again, I have quite a long absence on the blogsphere. Have to update a lot of things but needs to recall as many details as much as I can. Anyway, a good warm up to recall things is actually reminisce my high school life. I happen to pass by a blog with this entry so here goes:

THINK BACK TO 4th year high school… Let’s see how much you remember and how much you regret..

What section were you? Amber (Star Section naks! haha.. feeling)

Who were your seatmates? We change seats every quarter. I remember well my seatmates on 1st quarter since we are seated alphabetically: Right - Marilou Adao, Left - Loida Afable

Still remember your English teacher? Ms. Reyes (forgot her first name), she's petite, has white complexion and very soft spoken.

What was your first class? Arrgghhh! Can't remember. Although I remember that at the start of the day, the class secretary checks the attendance and logs it in the beadle. :)

Made friends to the lower years? Had a few.

How was your class schedule? 7:00am to 5:20

Made any enemies? none that I can think of. :) Good girl ako eh hahaha..

Who was your favorite teacher? Hmmm.. During that time, I have no fave teacher. Pero recalling 4th yr, I'd say fave ko si Mr. Creme dela Creme (Mr. dela Cruz) hindi dahil sa fave ko ang math pero dahil we had several doses of his katarayan.

What sport did you play? I'm not the athletic type. So I am more into dance and singing activities. :)

Were you a party animal? No, good girl nga eh.

Were you well known in your school? I don't think so. I usually participate on some school programs pero backgrounder lang hahaha.

SKIP CLASSES? have done previously pero not on my 4th year.

Did you get suspended/expelled? Never.

Can you sing the alma mater? I still remember a few lines (including the voicing part hahaha).

What was your favorite subject? Statistics yata (alang maisip).

Did you go to the dances? yes. JS Prom at our school, Senior Gradball at New World Hotel.

Where did you go most often during breaks? minsan sa gym, minsan sa rotonda (circular mini-park at school)

What did you do on the last day of school? Gave letters to friends, hingi ng souvenir pics , chikahan with classmates

Feel like reminiscin' too? Then you're tagged! :)

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