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>> Sunday, June 22, 2008


Mon and I just spent the whole day at our flat... Talked to a very very good friend the whole morning (*hugs*), slept the whole afternoon (while hubby played the Nintendo DS), had dinner at Koufu (since it's late and it'll take time if I'll cook), had a round 2 for dinner since Cel grilled some steak and cooked vegetable soup (no more rice this time) and watched a suspense/thriller "Return to House on Haunted Hill" (not really scary). This day's okay since we just relaxed a bit at our flat.


I was awakened by the loud raindrops and immediately woke up Mon. It was raining quite hard and we left our clothes hanging outside. Both of us were so frustrated because before going to bed the previous night, we talked about collecting the clothes but we opted to leave it outside so it would be "completely" dry the next day. So unfortunate that it rained.

That did not stop us from going outside. After talking to my parents almost the whole afternoon, we went to Lucky Plaza in Orchard to remit some money and proceeded to Takashimaya for lunch (all Pinoy restos in Lucky Plaza is jammed). We decided to eat at Yoshinoya where I had chicken teriyaki and Mon has the beef bowl. Yummy! :)

We're so full that we just walked around the mall and then dropped by Kinokuniya. I bought my art buff niece (Katch) books on how to draw manga book and her favorite Blood+ (Volume 1). I'm sure Katch will be excited and will surely bug me on when she will be receiving it (will have to wait someone here in SG to go back to Manila for vacation -- probably July). It'll still be a few more weeks but I am sure she can wait. :)

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