Marie Digby Encounter - Part II

>> Thursday, June 12, 2008

This a a super overdue post already. Anyways the day after Marie Digby's mini-concert, I met with my Batswan buddies for a lunch at Wisma Atria. They are so kind of setting the venue at Wisma 'cause Marie's autograph signing is also there! We had lunch at Din Tai Fung (yum yum!) It was really nice to meet up with batchmates again. Too bad I came quite late.

Afterwards I told them that I will be heading to The Gap store for the autograph signing. I was so touched that they joined me at The Gap for moral support hahahaha.. Lukaret nga sila 'cause they are taking pictures of me while waiting. Hahaha.. I was standing near the so-called stage with Tin, Yong and Weng while Mon lined up outside for the auto-signing queue (loves talaga ako ng hubby ko ;D). What is really good in any event in Singapore is you can be really close to the "stage", making it really possible to have better view and photos of course. :D

And then she arrived (breathless)... She sang shortcut versions of Say it Again and Umbrella then autograph signing began. I joined Mon on the queue and just chitchat for a while. I was really determined to tell her that I am the one who have been exchanging emails with her at myspace.

My friends waiting for us in front sent us text messages about how the Gap people are handling the autograph signing. They said that at some point, they shorten the time per person having their cd's signed. No more personalized message, no more photo session. Hah! I'm still determined no matter what. :D

When it was our turn, I did not mind the Gap staffs surrounding us. I barely remember them telling me no notebook (I was holding a notebook to show my name). Still determined to have more time with her, I kept on talking to Marie to remind her while she was signing the CD, then she remembered! Yey! She stood up and hugged me! I actually heard people cheering and clapping when whe stood up. And the best was we had a picture together! :D After that I gave her a gift and she was so touched. I hope she liked it.

I am so so happy about this encounter. I had the time of my life! :D Two days in the life of a die-hard fan! Hahaha.. I don't care if some thinks of it as jologs. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet someone you admire so I have to make the most out of it. :D hehehehe.. Here are some pics. :)

panalo! ;)

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