Going Through First Trimester

>> Sunday, June 21, 2009

My nanay has been telling me even before how she goes through pregnancy. The first 4-5 months is very difficult for her. Most of the times, she cannot really get up. She vomits a lot. Her sensitivity to smell is unfathomable. She hates the smell of food, perfume, soap and a lot more but has no choice. She even mentioned that on one of her pregnancies, she hates seeing one of our neighbors 'cause she makes her vomit some more. She lost a lot of weight on those 4-5 months. But she also mentioned that when it's time to give birth, it's just a breeze for her. It's painful, yes, but once her water bag breaks, we easily come out.

Being pregnant for the first time, the past few weeks hasn't been that easy. I've been feeling like I'm riding a rollercoaster. Some days I'm okay but most days I'm not. The good thing about it is that I still can function well enough to go to work, unlike my nanay. I sometimes wake up having a bad headache. I sometimes feel as if I haven't got any sleep because I'm soooooooooooo tired. My hips ache quite a lot in the evenings. My stomach is acidic and painful the entire day. The acidity makes me don't want to eat that much, I just have to force myself to eat. I feel full really fast. Because of this, I lost 1.4kilos in a span of 6 days. Hard.

On the emotional side, I'd say I'm much better than the time I wasn't pregnant. :p I'm generally happier, more patient and understanding. I feel that I am more mabait with Mon (hope he notices too). THOUGH, I'm a bit matampuhin to him. And the funny thing, I easily cry when I feel that. As in tears are nonstop that I myself is wondering why tears won't stop even if I'm already okay once Mon says sorry. Weird.

I am actually really thankful to Mon for being really patient, understanding and caring. He does almost all things around the house. He takes care of me soooo well that I'm sure to be spoilt by him. His very frequent checks on me if I'm okay, if I feel weird, if I need something is very very sweet.

I have a lot of fears and questions but it's good that I am surrounded with people who gives me a lot of advices and tips on how I can ease up my moods and feelings each day. I can just give my nanay a call, I can just whine to Mon, I can ambush Cel with my never ending questions, I can complain to friends on what I feel. :)

It will still be a few more weeks until the first trimester ends. I've read that it is mostly difficult going through this trimester as the hormones soar up high to help develop the baby inside the tummy. As soon as the second trimester approaches, the baby is a bit stable enough to support itself and just rely on the nutrient intakes of the mom. And the morning sickness is just a thing of the past. :p

Despite of the weird things I am feeling, I still am so happy that our baby is holding on tight. We always pray to God to continue guiding us and making our baby strong enough. And I hope you include us in your prayers too.

Oh, here is the ultrasound scan of our baby. The black oblongish part is the pregnancy sac where the baby is. The circular circle inside it is where the baby gets the nutrients from me. The baby is somewhere beside it. Still too tiny to see. :)

It was taken during our first visit to my OB (recommended by Cel), who by the way is really accomodating especially that I have a lot of questions. :) Her assistant is ultra-nice and accomodating as well. Mon and I immediately felt at home and clearly won't be changing OBs. :) We're scheduled for the next visit next Saturday and we will be hearing our baby's heartbeat by then! So excited. :)


On Pregnancy

>> Friday, June 12, 2009

Browsing the web, I saw this and made me feel more happy and inspired now that I am pregnant...

Pregnancy is the privilege of experiencing God's miracles on earth. "In my flesh I see the mark of God". Nowhere is this more apparent than in the experience of a pregnancy. Science has made it possible to witness the baby's growth on a sonogram. Once you see that, there's no turning back. Watching and feeling this little miracle grow inside you, knowing that one day you will hold this child in your hands is one of the greatest gifts that can be experienced.


Updated: Ecstatic

>> Sunday, June 7, 2009

Can't express enough..

I'm really thankful to God for giving our hearts' desire. He gave it to us just in time. We really pray that he continues to watch over us so we'll be safe and healthy all through out.

Our baby is just 6weeks + old (update: based on my last period but saw in the internet that average cycle days must also be considered especially that I have irreg periods, have to confirmed this with our OB) and the following weeks will be very crucial since I really have to make sure that our baby is super kapit na. I am trying to clear my mind of all the nega things and fears as it will not do any good. I just make sure to focus more on what I have to do to for my pregnancy to be okay. Please include us in your prayers. :)


Project: Bahay Kubo

>> Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eversince we moved to our own place sometime in December, I haven't really took time to take pics of our place. Probably because Mon and I haven't really focused much on sort of making it nicer. We just ensured that we're confortable enough to do our every stuff. :p

That's why recently, we both decided to make it nicer, cuter in our eyes. :p We actually just have to re-organize and add some more finishing touches to our place.

On a per room basis..

Living Room

Already have the basics such as 4-seater sofa, an ottoman-like chair and center table. We have bought a long center table from Ikea and used it as the tv rack. Previously, the owner just used the shoe cabinet as the tv rack and I don't like it at all. :p We are thinking of putting some throw pillows and curtain or blinds to the window for a more softer look. I am also re-thinking the shoe rack and cabinet placements to accomodate the small mahogany table and chairs by the owner.

Dining Area

This is a very small place beside our living room, hence the term area. The owner did not provide a dining table and chair but has left two ikea computer tables. What we did was just buy some chairs and use one of the computer tables as a dining table since it will just be the two of us to eat most of the time. I think the area just lacks more lighting as the only lighting is near the living area. We are planning to re-negotiate with the owner to provide us with a 'proper' dining table (among other requests). *crossing fingers*


I think this is the most complete part of our place. :p I am so OC-OC with having a complete and nice utensils and kitchen tools. Anik-anik items from Daiso and Ikea, others from Carrefour and from the ever reliable stores near our place. We have initially re-organized and we've been happy about it. Though we haven't really maximized all the cabinets to make the kitchen counter clutter free. And maybe there's a need for more Daiso purchases haha!

Laundry and Sink Area

Both are quite ok now, have included it in our initial re-organization a couple of wks ago. Just a few more neat-packing and it's done.


I found our tiny bathroom nice already. We've put a shower curtain to separate the toilet and bath area. So OC-OC with the cleaning tools so we have inner bowl brush, outer bowl brush, 'escoba for the flooring, a generic brush for the floor na din aaannnnd toothbrush for the suloks hehehe.. This one's ok for us, so no change required na.

Common Bedroom

This is our sort of 'tambakan' of all sorts hehehe.. All spare umbrellas, extra day-to-day bags, luggages, vaccum cleaner and the stuffs I have bought on my numerous shopping sprees (:p) are there. This room needs a major re-org! We haven't utilized the built-in cabinet that much as well as our plastic boxes.

We are planning to put a blinds or curtains in the window. I have to sort out the things we won't be using anymore but will be useful for the people in Pinas. Then, we ave to put the 'pasalubongs and uwiables sa pinas' in a bigger box para sama-sama na. Hmmm.. makes me think if I have to call and get a box na from metrobox (have to consult Mon first). Also, I am hoping Weng will give me one more bag organizer (calling Weng! :p) 'cause one is not enough haha.

Master Bedroom

This is the biggest challenge of all. :p It's fine but we know we can still make it much comfy and nicer. For one, the owner has this cabinet with mirror that we cannot use. We've done the initial cleaning and odour removal stuffs but to no avail. Smells like 'luma' pa din.

I have done some research and some natural odour removal are charcoal, newspaper, white vinegar, ground dry coffee and baking soda. Charcoal has no effect when I tried it. So this wkend, I am planning to use all in full force. I'll just create a new post on the outcome. :)

We are also thinking of re-arranging the furnitures inside the room. We may need to plot a layout first before moving the furnitures to make sure we won't waste too much energy. :p

We'd need to re-arrange the clothes, distribute it amongst the drawers and big cabinet as soon as it is odour-free. We also have to sort and re-organize our documents. Buy some file storage stuffs so that everything will be more accessible and neater.

There are some more bedroom stuffs we'd want to request the owner as well. Just hoping that she'd be kind enough to give us what we'll ask. :p

Hayyy.. hopefully the weekends of June will be enough for us to complete the project. Will post pics on the final outcome hehe..



>> Monday, June 1, 2009

Yesterday, we were at Cel's place for a small handaan. Syempre hindi mawawala ang magic sing. Ayun, we (meaning me, Weng and Tin) suddenly felt nostalgic and sang songs from 80's and 90's. Inexhaust namin ang magic sing nina Cel.

It seems that it actually started when I selected the song "Careless Whisper" hahaha..

It's so nice to recall all the songs from way back. Brings back memories. We sang these songs as well:

- Electric Youth
- La la la.. Means I Love You
- Breakout
- Don't Turn Around
- Girls Just Want to Have Fun
- Brother Louie
- Venus
- Bette Davis' Eyes
- Funky Town

And we suddenly discovered we're all Madonna fans when we sang these:

- Holiday
- Material Girl
- Borderline
- Dress You Up
- Papa Don't Preach
- Las Isla Bonita
- Take A Bow

I know I've missed a few ones. Bottomline, we had a lot of fun singing these songs. And on defense mode, age is just a number. Hahaha..


First of June

I woke up realizing it's already first of June. A few more weeks and the first half of the year will be over.

Can't help but look back on the past few months and share my thoughst as well as the life lessons I've picked up along the way.

These are very random. Nagnonotes ako these past few weeks about my thoughts as well as the life lessons na napupulot ko along the way. So random, may tagalog, may english. hehehe..

-- Do not expect that other people will help you the way you have helped them.

-- "Everybody lies". (House M.D.)

-- May mga bagay na hindi talaga para sa'yo at kahit pa magmukmok or maghuramentado ka, hindi talaga ito mapapasa-iyo.

-- No one can please everybody and no one should as it is super stressful to do. And ultimately, you will just be bounded to just sacrifice your own happiness.

-- You can only do so much. Kaya hindi dapat pasanin ang daigdig. Mababaliw ka lang.

-- Bukod sa pamilya, mahalaga ang pagkakaroon ng malalapit na kaibigan. Sila kasi ang isa sa pinaka-epektibong 'sanity checker' sa mga bagy-bagay.

-- We are far more blessed than we thought.

-- Masarap yung feeling na you can swallow your pride and verbally say you're sorry sa taong nasaktan mo.

-- Everyday is an opportunity for us to express our affection to our loved ones. May it be a simple phone call, a simple 'pasalubong', a simple hug.

-- Sa ating lifetime, may makakasalamuha ka talagang feeling perfect, know-it-all, self-absorbed na tao. Ang malaking challenge ay pano mo ilalayo ang sarili mo sa ganitong tao dahil nakakastress!

-- One of the biggest challenge is picking up the pieces after a heartbreaking fall.

-- Namimiss ko na ang pagkanta! :p

-- It is extremely important to motivate yourself and not rely on others to do that for you.

-- Importante na i-make sure na you have enough for yourself kasi pano ka tutulong kung sarili mo hindi mo matulungan?

-- It is okay to make mistakes as long as you really learn from it and not make the same mistakes. Ang mahirap lang if with that mistake, you have unpurposedly hurt someone you love. It will be harder to cope.

-- Minsan talagang kailangan mong mapag-isa para mas makapag-isip isip.

-- A little prayer brings forth wonderful things we can ever imagine.

-- Ang sarap magshopping lalo na 'pag para sa mga taong importante sa'yo. (GSS na kasi haha)

-- It's really painful once you realized that the person you thought you knew is not the same person anymore. Not that there's nothing good out of it but it just ruined something.. something more precious than a diamond.

-- Pay yourself first.

-- At times, it may be difficult to see the brighter side of things but as soon as you have made it a part of you, it makes life much lighter and happier.

Ayan, ang mumunting anik-anik ng isip ko netong mga nagdaang buwan. :p Bow!


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