Going Through First Trimester

>> Sunday, June 21, 2009

My nanay has been telling me even before how she goes through pregnancy. The first 4-5 months is very difficult for her. Most of the times, she cannot really get up. She vomits a lot. Her sensitivity to smell is unfathomable. She hates the smell of food, perfume, soap and a lot more but has no choice. She even mentioned that on one of her pregnancies, she hates seeing one of our neighbors 'cause she makes her vomit some more. She lost a lot of weight on those 4-5 months. But she also mentioned that when it's time to give birth, it's just a breeze for her. It's painful, yes, but once her water bag breaks, we easily come out.

Being pregnant for the first time, the past few weeks hasn't been that easy. I've been feeling like I'm riding a rollercoaster. Some days I'm okay but most days I'm not. The good thing about it is that I still can function well enough to go to work, unlike my nanay. I sometimes wake up having a bad headache. I sometimes feel as if I haven't got any sleep because I'm soooooooooooo tired. My hips ache quite a lot in the evenings. My stomach is acidic and painful the entire day. The acidity makes me don't want to eat that much, I just have to force myself to eat. I feel full really fast. Because of this, I lost 1.4kilos in a span of 6 days. Hard.

On the emotional side, I'd say I'm much better than the time I wasn't pregnant. :p I'm generally happier, more patient and understanding. I feel that I am more mabait with Mon (hope he notices too). THOUGH, I'm a bit matampuhin to him. And the funny thing, I easily cry when I feel that. As in tears are nonstop that I myself is wondering why tears won't stop even if I'm already okay once Mon says sorry. Weird.

I am actually really thankful to Mon for being really patient, understanding and caring. He does almost all things around the house. He takes care of me soooo well that I'm sure to be spoilt by him. His very frequent checks on me if I'm okay, if I feel weird, if I need something is very very sweet.

I have a lot of fears and questions but it's good that I am surrounded with people who gives me a lot of advices and tips on how I can ease up my moods and feelings each day. I can just give my nanay a call, I can just whine to Mon, I can ambush Cel with my never ending questions, I can complain to friends on what I feel. :)

It will still be a few more weeks until the first trimester ends. I've read that it is mostly difficult going through this trimester as the hormones soar up high to help develop the baby inside the tummy. As soon as the second trimester approaches, the baby is a bit stable enough to support itself and just rely on the nutrient intakes of the mom. And the morning sickness is just a thing of the past. :p

Despite of the weird things I am feeling, I still am so happy that our baby is holding on tight. We always pray to God to continue guiding us and making our baby strong enough. And I hope you include us in your prayers too.

Oh, here is the ultrasound scan of our baby. The black oblongish part is the pregnancy sac where the baby is. The circular circle inside it is where the baby gets the nutrients from me. The baby is somewhere beside it. Still too tiny to see. :)

It was taken during our first visit to my OB (recommended by Cel), who by the way is really accomodating especially that I have a lot of questions. :) Her assistant is ultra-nice and accomodating as well. Mon and I immediately felt at home and clearly won't be changing OBs. :) We're scheduled for the next visit next Saturday and we will be hearing our baby's heartbeat by then! So excited. :)

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