>> Friday, March 30, 2007

Haaayyy, wala lang.. For the past few days (or weeks na pero recurring lang), just felt that I need to change my perspective. There are lots of things in my mind right now and I can't really pinpoint the main thing that bothers me.

What's good it that it now pushes me to think things over, reassess my/our life and finally do something about it.
I know convincing oneself to deviating to a different perspective is oftentimes difficult, what more if I'm in the process na? Intial realization tells me that I definitely have to do it or else. I just hope this rebellious side of me won't resist once I started to act on it. At mahirap nang maghalo ang balat sa tinalupan. hehehe... I might regret a lot of things pag nagkataon. Thankful that Mon and some close friends are here by my side naman para batukan ako pag napapariwara na ako.. napapariwara daw o! hehehe..

Goodluck na lang saken and with God's guidance, I'm sure it'll be all good. ;)


50, 550 for 50!

>> Thursday, March 29, 2007

Very intriguing title indeed. :) Yesterday marked our 50th monthsary as a couple . And thinking about the 50 months that we shared together, I know we still have a long way to go. It even made me look fast forward to our 50th year as a couple. I did a little math and figured out that we have a long long way to go.. 550 more months! Probably and hopefully by that time, our family grew already. Imagining things like we have a very close-knit family, raised our children as very good people/citizen, that they have their own families already, that we have lots of grandchildren sitting on our lap. :) That we live a very comfortable and wonderful life despite of the ups and downs. Haayyy, wishful thinking! :p

I just hope and pray that Mon and I grow stronger each day. Apart from other things, I think a very strong relationship and partnership will bring forth a very good future ahead of us. To 550 more months! Cheers Baby! :x


Thanks to PNTM!

>> Thursday, March 22, 2007

Nawala ang inis ko. Hehehe.. I wasn't able to watch the actual airing of the second episode so I searched youtube for updates. Sobrang katawa talaga yung first two parts while watching. But I'm sure they learned a lot from it. Grabe ang potential ng Filipina! Nhux! Hehehe..

Sobrang okay panoorin 'tong show na to (Panalo si Mr. Nailed! hahaha... -- see my previous post to know more about him). You'll know why. Here are the clips:


Tama ba namang mainis?!

Grrr... I really hate ranting but the situation forces me to. So much to say but I rather keep it bottled up inside of me... for now though. I might just get carried away with my emotions (especially on marked days like these) and end up saying "STUPID ME" for uttering words without me rationally thinking. Oh well, this too shall pass. Deal with it Che.


What a Blessing

>> Monday, March 19, 2007

We got the blessing from dad already. Mon got the courage to tell dad about it last night and we were very relieved, pleased and overjoyed. He is very supportive of it and even gave us a lot of suggestions. I can now tell that Mon's hesitations already dissolved in thin air. :p I think aside from our house, approval from dad is another major consideration on his part.

To some, my post might be vague but I'll reveal it all once things are properly laid out. ;) For now, all I can say is yehey!! and I hope things go well for us.


Philippines' Next Top Model

>> Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mon and I were able to catch the first episode of Philippines' Next Top Model. A lot of them are striking but some are.. I don't know, longkats? Ansama ba? Hahaha.. AMO eh! (Di ba Tin/Cel? hahaha) Siguro kasi sa modelling world naman may certain criteria sila of choosing a model. Pero grabe, ang skinny nilang lahat.

Hindi namin gusto as an artist si Ruffa Gutierrez but we were surprised. Mas ok sya maghost than the usual na maarte masyado magsalita na bratty ang dating (at walang bukambibig kundi, GIRLLLLLL hehehe). Dito, mas professional ang dating nya. Pansin lang namin eh yung mga lines nya eh parehong-pareho sa sinasabi ni Tyra Banks especially dun sa announcement ng models na in sa next challenge. Yung banner head nila, pinalitan lang ng shots ni Ruffa at replace lang ang America's to Philippines' tapos change lang color ng images at text. Pati yung pag may na-eliminate na model (Group shots then disappear na sa picture ung eliminated). I expected lang na kahit parang franchise eh lalabas pa din ang creative juices ng mga pinoy when it comes to conceptualizing ung image ng show.

Obvious din na intimidated ang mga model-wannabes sa mga judges. Mukhang kelangan pa mag-personality development and speech class ang karamihan sa kanila kasi parang nahihiya sila to express their side pag tinatanong. Karamihan ang tipid ng sagot. Sayang kung hindi maiimprove yun. Di ko lang feel marinig pag may message si Ruffa sa models, not sure nga kung Grupo Text or Ruffa text narinig namin eh. :))

Nagshoot sila somewhere in Manila. Busy street sya eh, Rizal Avenue kasi daming vendors. At grabe, first shoot, in two-piece bikini! Nung judging time, annoying yung isang judge, Xavier something (sya nagshoot). Marami kasing ok na model for him tapos laging sabi nya, "You nailed it.", "She nailed it."... Aaaaarrrgghh... WHAT'S WITH THE NAIL ANYWAY?! Kaasar..

Yung isa pa, nung nakatayo na si Ruffa to announce those who are in, para syang librarian at ang kapal nung hawak nya. It turned out na per photo eh parang nakaframe sya ng makapal na board paper. Souvenir na yata yun. Hehehe..

Ang finale, there's this model we named Huffy. Ang ganda ng photo nya, ang ganda nya.. All praise ang natanggap nya sa judges and when Ruffa asked her how she feels, she answered something like, "You make me feel so huffy." Hahahaha.. sobrang panira talaga un. Kaya as I've said sana maimprove ang kanilang communication skills para mas okay. :p Oh well, aabangan ko pa din ang mga next episodes.

Watch Philippines' Next Top Model on RPN 9, Tuesdays at 830pm (feeling advertiser ito!)


True ba ititch?

>> Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Eto mga look-a-likes namen ni Mon. See for yourself if you agree! Hahaha... I wonder if makakapayag si Harbie na kamukha ko si Sarah Geronimo. Hehehe..

Here's another one: (At aba, 2nd na ito ni Portia de Rossi - I wonder how I'd look like if I'm blonde hahaha nyay!)

Kay Mon naman,

Panay black yata ang kamukha nya Pwede na din magdisguise at Condaleezza Rice si Mon. hehehe...Pero in fairness Michael Buble ha! Nhux! Parang ang pinaka-kamukha nya is si Hu Jintao. And hahahahahahahahaha @ Pete Doherty. Hulaan nyo ano common sa kanila ni Mon.

At ngayong semikal na sya.... (Grabe nahirapan ang myHeritage dito! Ang tagal nagscan hehe)



I went to the doctor with my Nanay Malou this morning since I'm not feeling well. I felt that I have a lump in my throat and have trouble breathing. It also seems that I have a cold but wouldn't come out -- have a stuffy nose that is. When we arrived, the Medicard rep told me that the doctor will be arriving by 10am. Good, it's just 930am and I still have to wait for 30 LOOOONG minutes for my checkup. Many patients are already waiting for the doctor, lolos/lolas, mom-to-be, kids.. all kinds of people. It's so great that the consultation started on time.

The doctor immediately checked my nose and saw that it is clogged. My throat is also swollen (that's why!). He also said that nothing comes out of my nose since discharge goes down my throat, which causes the swelling. He placed two cotton buds with nasal decongestant solution in my nose and sprayed a solution in my throat. After some time, I felt a bit better. Then, he performed nasal suctioning. Uugghh, a metal tube is inserted deep in my nose to extract some more liquid from my nose. Ang haba ng tube at nakakatakot talaga. (Grabe na ba sa detail? hehehe) And true enough, I felt more better. The doctor said it is allergic rhinitis, good thing it's not sinusitis. Kelangan daw i-avoid ang alikabok, usok at malalansang pagkain because of that. For my sore throat, no cold drinks and desserts! Waaahhh!! Craving for pistachio ice cream pa naman ako. And I also wondered, how could I avoid the ever polluted and dusty Metro Manila? Hahaha...

I have to use nasal spray decongestant 3x a day for a week. I hate nasal sprays! Ang sama ng feeling kapag na-inhale mo na ung solution kasi nasa-swallow ko din sya. Lasang gamot, eeeeiiiii!!! Buti na lang hindi sobrang malasa ung solution. But I feel better again. I can breathe better. Sana naman temporary lang itong allergy ko, ang hirap din kasi kung konting dust or smoke lang eh irritated na ko. At katakot pa baka maging sinusitis. Let's see if there will be continuous improvement. *Sigh*


One of the Sweetest Things...

>> Monday, March 12, 2007

... my husband said to me was,

"You're not going anywhere without me..."

Love you bebe! ;;) :-* :"> :x >:D<


Back Pains and Eating healthier

>> Friday, March 9, 2007

Haayyy... I am not exactly sure why all of a sudden, my back ached. Three reasons are going through my mind. Might be because I'm making up an excuse to leave early from work, might be stress from work, or might be due to my weight problems... Which is which? The first reason is definitely not it because unfortunately, I'm still here at the office. Second reason, probably... My teammates and I are practically slaves for our current project. For weeks now, we've been rendering longer hours from work and missing out on other aspects of our lives. Mon and I are already exhausted when arriving from work. So, little time to relax and we usually doze off after some time. But hmmm, I still think it is just a trigger to the actual reason. I have a strong feeling that my weight problem is causing me to feel a lot of things. This was not the only pain that I am feeling since I gained a lot of weight. There are these headaches, sort-of-a-cold, neck pains (high blood ata) and other all sorts.

It's my fourth day of eating moderately. I am aiming to lose a tremendous amount of weight at a proper pace. I do not know if I'll be glad that I realized it now or blame myself that I have been seeing signs even before but did not act on it. But come to think of it, better recognize that there's a problem than never! I am sincerely determined to achieve my goal not just to improved my health but my attitude as well. This goal entails a lot of determination and discipline on my part but it would definitely help if the people around me will be very supportive. I am giving myself two weeks to see if there are improvements and it is still a long way to go. I have to prove to myself that I can do it. And just like what Snow always says, AJA FIGHTING! :D Good luck to me and may God help me! ;)


Pacquiao and Morales, Kayo ba yan?

>> Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Nope.. It's me and Mon hehe.. I decided to create a separate post for this kasi senti mode talaga ako sa pag-alis ni Tin at Cel eh. But during our get together last Saturday (with Tin, Weng and Cindy -- too bad hindi nakapunta si Cel), I had the chance to try playing Nintendo Wii. At tama, mapapa-weeeee ka sa sobrang pagkaaliw. Ang nice ng toy na ito, interactive na sya at ang controller mo is literally remote controller. Hehehe..

We all created a profile (Weng, Cinds, baka pwede nyo naman kami bigyan ng snapshot ng miis nating lahat) and yung nagawa ko para kay Mon, saktong sakto! With semikal hair, drooping lips and all. Peace tayo be! Mwah! :)

We played a lot of things like:

  • find mii - modified version ng where's wally, using ung mga created miis
  • bubble game - nde ko lam name, pero silver medalist ako dito haha!
  • fishing - bronze medalist naman (yabang ko! *pagbigyan nyo na, sa wii lang nmn eh hehe*)
  • golf - feeling golfer na nde na kailangan mabilad sa init ng araw
  • bowling - panalo ka dito pag lofting ka lagi
  • tennis - kaaliw din to, feeling kasali sa US Open :)) and finally,
  • boxing - nag-ala pacquiao-morales kami ni Mon. pawis na pawis kami pagkatapos maglaro. Thanks Tin for sending me this video:

Sa kakalaro, talagang 2 days na ang lumipas eh ang sakit pa din ng braso at likod namin. Kakaaliw kasi maglaro eh. I'm sure newer version will come out soon! Ang dami pang pwedeng improve. For one, yung itsura nung mga miis and other objects. Uso na kasi ngayon ung real life interface eh tapos biglang parang updated version sya ng family computer. Hehehe.. Pero syempre gamewise ang galing kasi karamihan motion games talaga eh. Sana magmura na sya dito para makulit ko si bebe na bumili. Magandang gadget for losing weight! hahaha.. O kaya pabili na lang kami kina Tin sa Singapore. Hahaha.. That is!.... KUNG MAY BUDGET! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!


So Long Friends...

>> Tuesday, March 6, 2007

For me, it was a weekend to remember. A weekend where Mon and I are with very good friends, enjoying and savoring togetherness. Four of my long-time friends are now leaving for Singapore for work (Tin, Cel, Cindy and Neil). It's a whirlwind of emotions -- happy, optimistic, excited and most of all sad. The first three emotions are all positive because I am truly happy for them. But of course, part of me is sad. I know there are numerous ways to communicate with them (text, ym, email) but it wouldn't be the same again. I can name a lot of reasons but it just makes my heart weak that they're far away. That sums it all up, covers all other reasons.

** Tin, Cel and Neil left yesterday 8pm flight. Several times, Tin and I talked over the phone saying almost the same things -- for them to be ok in Singapore, for both to take care, for me and Mon to go there even if for vacation only. There's this unspoken message that everything will be alright and that we just have to hang on. An evident emotion of missing someone deeply even before leaving. I got a call from Cel just hours before they arrive at the airport and she was crying really hard, which made me feel as if my heart were torn into pieces. It is really hard for her to leave my inaanak David here. Though it'll only be a short span of time 'til David goes to Singapore, only a mom like Cel can truly understand how difficult it is to go somewhere without the one you love.. let alone, your 5-month old son.

Having recalled all these things made me choked up, close to tears. If I'm at home, I would have cried my heart out.

Come March 15, it's Cindy's turn to leave. Another day where I'd feel whatever I am feeling right now. But I know everything will go well for all of them. They did it for reasons that all of us wanted, security. I am just looking forward to the days where they'll be back here, for vacation or for good na. I always pray that whatever their heart desires, God will provide. Missing all of you already!


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