Back Pains and Eating healthier

>> Friday, March 9, 2007

Haayyy... I am not exactly sure why all of a sudden, my back ached. Three reasons are going through my mind. Might be because I'm making up an excuse to leave early from work, might be stress from work, or might be due to my weight problems... Which is which? The first reason is definitely not it because unfortunately, I'm still here at the office. Second reason, probably... My teammates and I are practically slaves for our current project. For weeks now, we've been rendering longer hours from work and missing out on other aspects of our lives. Mon and I are already exhausted when arriving from work. So, little time to relax and we usually doze off after some time. But hmmm, I still think it is just a trigger to the actual reason. I have a strong feeling that my weight problem is causing me to feel a lot of things. This was not the only pain that I am feeling since I gained a lot of weight. There are these headaches, sort-of-a-cold, neck pains (high blood ata) and other all sorts.

It's my fourth day of eating moderately. I am aiming to lose a tremendous amount of weight at a proper pace. I do not know if I'll be glad that I realized it now or blame myself that I have been seeing signs even before but did not act on it. But come to think of it, better recognize that there's a problem than never! I am sincerely determined to achieve my goal not just to improved my health but my attitude as well. This goal entails a lot of determination and discipline on my part but it would definitely help if the people around me will be very supportive. I am giving myself two weeks to see if there are improvements and it is still a long way to go. I have to prove to myself that I can do it. And just like what Snow always says, AJA FIGHTING! :D Good luck to me and may God help me! ;)

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