>> Friday, March 30, 2007

Haaayyy, wala lang.. For the past few days (or weeks na pero recurring lang), just felt that I need to change my perspective. There are lots of things in my mind right now and I can't really pinpoint the main thing that bothers me.

What's good it that it now pushes me to think things over, reassess my/our life and finally do something about it.
I know convincing oneself to deviating to a different perspective is oftentimes difficult, what more if I'm in the process na? Intial realization tells me that I definitely have to do it or else. I just hope this rebellious side of me won't resist once I started to act on it. At mahirap nang maghalo ang balat sa tinalupan. hehehe... I might regret a lot of things pag nagkataon. Thankful that Mon and some close friends are here by my side naman para batukan ako pag napapariwara na ako.. napapariwara daw o! hehehe..

Goodluck na lang saken and with God's guidance, I'm sure it'll be all good. ;)

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