So Long Friends...

>> Tuesday, March 6, 2007

For me, it was a weekend to remember. A weekend where Mon and I are with very good friends, enjoying and savoring togetherness. Four of my long-time friends are now leaving for Singapore for work (Tin, Cel, Cindy and Neil). It's a whirlwind of emotions -- happy, optimistic, excited and most of all sad. The first three emotions are all positive because I am truly happy for them. But of course, part of me is sad. I know there are numerous ways to communicate with them (text, ym, email) but it wouldn't be the same again. I can name a lot of reasons but it just makes my heart weak that they're far away. That sums it all up, covers all other reasons.

** Tin, Cel and Neil left yesterday 8pm flight. Several times, Tin and I talked over the phone saying almost the same things -- for them to be ok in Singapore, for both to take care, for me and Mon to go there even if for vacation only. There's this unspoken message that everything will be alright and that we just have to hang on. An evident emotion of missing someone deeply even before leaving. I got a call from Cel just hours before they arrive at the airport and she was crying really hard, which made me feel as if my heart were torn into pieces. It is really hard for her to leave my inaanak David here. Though it'll only be a short span of time 'til David goes to Singapore, only a mom like Cel can truly understand how difficult it is to go somewhere without the one you love.. let alone, your 5-month old son.

Having recalled all these things made me choked up, close to tears. If I'm at home, I would have cried my heart out.

Come March 15, it's Cindy's turn to leave. Another day where I'd feel whatever I am feeling right now. But I know everything will go well for all of them. They did it for reasons that all of us wanted, security. I am just looking forward to the days where they'll be back here, for vacation or for good na. I always pray that whatever their heart desires, God will provide. Missing all of you already!

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