>> Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I went to the doctor with my Nanay Malou this morning since I'm not feeling well. I felt that I have a lump in my throat and have trouble breathing. It also seems that I have a cold but wouldn't come out -- have a stuffy nose that is. When we arrived, the Medicard rep told me that the doctor will be arriving by 10am. Good, it's just 930am and I still have to wait for 30 LOOOONG minutes for my checkup. Many patients are already waiting for the doctor, lolos/lolas, mom-to-be, kids.. all kinds of people. It's so great that the consultation started on time.

The doctor immediately checked my nose and saw that it is clogged. My throat is also swollen (that's why!). He also said that nothing comes out of my nose since discharge goes down my throat, which causes the swelling. He placed two cotton buds with nasal decongestant solution in my nose and sprayed a solution in my throat. After some time, I felt a bit better. Then, he performed nasal suctioning. Uugghh, a metal tube is inserted deep in my nose to extract some more liquid from my nose. Ang haba ng tube at nakakatakot talaga. (Grabe na ba sa detail? hehehe) And true enough, I felt more better. The doctor said it is allergic rhinitis, good thing it's not sinusitis. Kelangan daw i-avoid ang alikabok, usok at malalansang pagkain because of that. For my sore throat, no cold drinks and desserts! Waaahhh!! Craving for pistachio ice cream pa naman ako. And I also wondered, how could I avoid the ever polluted and dusty Metro Manila? Hahaha...

I have to use nasal spray decongestant 3x a day for a week. I hate nasal sprays! Ang sama ng feeling kapag na-inhale mo na ung solution kasi nasa-swallow ko din sya. Lasang gamot, eeeeiiiii!!! Buti na lang hindi sobrang malasa ung solution. But I feel better again. I can breathe better. Sana naman temporary lang itong allergy ko, ang hirap din kasi kung konting dust or smoke lang eh irritated na ko. At katakot pa baka maging sinusitis. Let's see if there will be continuous improvement. *Sigh*

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