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>> Monday, June 30, 2008

Alas! I have changed the layout of my blog. I opted for red-white-black layout for a cleaner, more readable look (though it's a bit unlikely for me to choose red since I am a fan of blue color). :p Having white background for the content is simpler. :) Thanks to for this wonderful template.

There are still some more improvements to make though. Since I have adjusted the template to accomodate a wider content area, the banner image must be modified as well. Notice that the right most part is just a black background. I can just do this later. Hehehe..

Also, the javascript is still hosted in jackbook that's why at times, the date will not be appearing on the calendar. It will appear once the bandwidth limit for accessing their pages is reduced. I think I should prioritize this one.

Oh well, happy that finally I have successfully applied this template. Do you like it? :)

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rEeYuH Mon Jul 07, 05:08:00 PM  

che cheeee nice layout.. clean, simple, easy on the eyes. parang hindi blogspot layout.. ay di nga. hehe

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