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>> Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lots of things happened for my almost 2 months of hibernation. :) Would probably need to highlight just a few things. Work? Nah! hehehe.. Anything but work...

Suprise, Suprise!

One fine day, I received this:

My husband ordered this online just for me! How sweet! Thanks be! Mwah! He really knows I am a Marie Digby fan. Find out about her here and here. I have been listening to her CD, watching the bonus DVD ALL THE TIME!

THEN!!!! I heard she's coming here in Singapore. She'll be here on May 9 and 10, the 9th of May being "by invitation only" event. Huhuhu... Wonder how I could be invited. On the 10th, she has an autograph signing at Wisma Atria.. Of course I'll be there! ;)

Bowling Night

It's been i-can't-remember-when that Mon and I went for bowling (Mon said more than two years). 'Twas still in the Philippines... Good thing, Cel invited us to join them.. Good that the cost is just about the same in Pinas, at least we can plan to do it more iften. We had so much fun!

Sentosa Trip

This is a biglaan trip with our housemates. Very refreshing considering the work pressures that all of us have been experiencing for a few months. It was actually our first visit (Mon and I) to Sentosa (pathetic!) hehehe.. Oh well, as they say, Singapore is too small so we shouldn't rush too much on visiting places. :D

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