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>> Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hope you'll also be motivated by this...

The distractions will always be there, but the opportunities of this moment won't. As compelling as those distractions might be, let them fall behind you as you act on your best possibilities right now.

The excuses for not taking action make a lot of sense, yet there is no real value in even the most reasonable, sensible excuse. Instead of being stopped by why you can't, be energized by why you must.

The quality of your life is up to you, at all times, in all situations. You have the opportunity to creatively imagine an outstanding life for yourself, and then to bring what you imagine into the reality of your world.

The excuses and distractions and setbacks and frustrations are all hopelessly insignificant when compared to your best possibilities. Stay focused on the good and positive things that mean the most to you, and you'll transcend the small bumps along the way with grace and ease.

Get caught up in the wonder and the substance of being, and the trivial distractions will have no power over you. Feel the joy that emanates from your purpose and you'll grow stronger with each passing day.

The richness of your life has no limits. Choose today, and always, to let that richness continue to unfold.

-- Ralph Marston

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