Hiatus Again?!

>> Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haaayyy.. been too tied with work :( And I was hoping to blog at least 4x a week. It's almost the end of January!

Would probably leave you first with one of a lot of things that made me happy during the holidays. Gifts of course! I love receiving gifts (but don't get me wrong, I do love giving gifts as well :p)

Here are the loots that I and Mon received:

1-Bag from Weng, 2- Wallet from Mon, 3 - pouch from Tin, 4 & 5 - Body scrub and wash from Lei, 6 - Ceramic Mug from our Bad Santa Game, 7 - Almires from Cel, 8 - Pashmina from Ces, 9 - Brown Jewelry Box from Tin, 10 - Four Leaf Clover Jewelry Box from Cel, 11 - Chocolate Fondue Set from WRT Pinoy Christmas Celeb, 12 - Stuffed toy, 13 - Puzzle from Cel, 14 - Her Towel from Cathy, 15 - Candle from Cel, 16 - Angel from Vinz, 17 - Bingo set from our Bad Santa Game, 18 - Thailand Items from Cel, 19 - 'C' key chain from Ces

Dami no? And that didn't include the one I received from Arlene, the Breadou key chain. Mon and I also bought a bigger TV and Nintendo Wii as our Christmas gifts to each other. Haha..


1 - His towel from Cathy, 2 - Adidas Pilipinas Shirt from Weng, 3 - Emergency Coin Bank from Weng, 4 - Transformers, 5 - Revoltech Starscream from Me, 6 - Chocolates from Weng, 7 - Egypt Toob from Me

And oh! We also got the shark cookie jar from Cel and Neil. So cute! :)

I love these gifts more because they came to the people close to my heart. Katuwa :)

Oh well, I have a lot of catching up to do. More updates to come :P

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