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>> Wednesday, January 5, 2011

After a very heartbreaking event (our little Angel joining God), I thought nothing good will ever happen to me again. Every night is always crying time for me. I am just really thankful that hubby, our families and friends are all there to support me. The agony turned into joy, as God has allowed me to heal and immediately gave us another wonderful blessing. I got pregnant after three months. :)

The second pregnancy is also not easy for me. I had spotting at the start and come third month, I had a very bad bleeding. Worse is I am alone at home 'cause hubby is at work for night shift. Good thing my very good friends are just staying nearby so they rushed me to the hospital. Fear is all over me. Thinking I might lose a baby again. But then, God showed me that He's by my side all the time. I got through it.

The next few months was easy for me. I am thinking that God re-assured me all the time that I and my baby are both going to be okay. This time, it's a boy for us! But it took me and hubby 7 months before knowing it. My baby is also in breech position so I have to try several ways to naturally "teach" baby to go into the proper position. From the lying while having a slightly raised hips, to using flashlight and music to encourage him come towards it, to the most difficult one, which is to tilt (place my feet up, with my head down) since I have a big watermelon shaped tummy.

Also, approaching my 8th month, I was on a 3-week bed rest because my amniotic fluid is a bit low. And having a low one could mean I'll have premature labor. My doctor says this is also one factor why probably baby cannot really position well. She cannot also do the external cephalic version as it can also cause premature labor especially my fluid is low. I drank lots and lots of water to help increase my amnio fluid. And it paid off! I'm out of the premature labor zone! :p

Given all these circumstances, I am really glad and thankful to
my boss and the company I work for. My boss is really understanding and supportive of me and my pregnancy. He allowed me to just work from home so that everything will be better. :)

But still, baby is in breech position. So I have to undergo caesarian procedure. It initially frustrated me because I really wanted to deliver normal. But it was just for a while because what's more important is me and baby's safety.

So August 28, 2010, I gave birth to a very healthy baby boy! We named him Riley Ezekiel. :) The c-section was just a breeze. I was awake the entire procedure as I want to see him right away. It took a lot of courage for me to do that considering that I am really terrified at one point in my life on hospitals, needles, doctors.. everything! :) But now things are different. It's for baby. :)

Here are some pictures:

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