Riley's First Solids

>> Monday, February 7, 2011

He just looooooooooooooooves food! We're really planning on giving him solids once he reaches 6th month but we opted to give him days after his fifth month. He actually seems ready when he reached 4th month because of these signs:

  1. he always watches us when we eat.. very curious!
  2. he reaches for the food he sees
  3. he attempts to bring anything to his mouth
  4. he sorts of chews when he sees food or us eating
  5. he seems to get hungry easily
I have also read that if the baby is now double in weight, it might be a sign too. And as a five month old weighing 9kg, ooohh, I'd probably agree. :)

We chose to wait for a while because they say that's it's better for the baby's tummy/digestive system to mature some more before introducing solids. But now we can't resist! He just loves carrots, potato and sweet potato! We started feeding him once a day and seems to be going pretty well. :)

I'm planning to make sure he tries everything but we will mainly prepare fruits and vegetables for him. More natural. But we're still open to giving him Nestle Cerelac, Gerber and Heinz baby foods once in a while so he gets accustomed to different tastes and textures :)

Really enjoy feeding him! :)

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