Congrats to Tayne and Ferdie!

>> Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I'm so happy for my dear friend, Tayne. She and Ferdie are getting married too. Pero sa 2007 pa, pinagpipilian pa nila is January, February, June or September (As I remember). Sabi ko nga early 2007 na kasi long overdue na yang wedding nila. Hehehe.. I mean, pre-engaged na sila even before Ferdie left for Canada. Hehehe.. Sorry Tayne, ikwento daw ba sa blog eh hehehe..

Ayun, kakatuwa that we get to talk. Chika chika about how our fiance proposed. Hehehe.. Ask sya about the details of my wedding preparation, which I happily answered. Sa ngayon, nagpaplan na din sila Taynie. I am really hoping na maging maganda ang wedding namin pareho. Gusto nga daw ni Ferdie na magtanong ng maswerteng date for the wedding eh.. Ako kasi hindi na nasunod dahil no slots for December na sa Shrine eh.. Huhuhu.. But I told her na nasa kanila nmn yun eh.. Kung anong preferred date nila, ok na yun. What matters is that they will be binded by God.

Nakausap ko din si Lei (BatsWan). Hehehe.. Ang busy ko talaga hehehe.. Nabalitaan nga daw nya na ikakasal na ako. May wedding plans na din pala sila ni Access (na nasa Singapore na daw). Naku! kaka-excite dahil madami sa friends ko ang ikakasal na din. :) Sino pa kaya sa BatsWan ang ikakasal? Hmmmm...

Si Weng, pinahanap ko na din ng makeup-artist, para madaming options. Hehehe.. Mukhang mali ang budget ko.. Sana maihanap nila ako ng ok sa budget pero hindi nmn ako magmumukhang ewan hahaha... Si Tin meron na din nasabi. Friend ng mama nya. Yung Ibarra's, merong affiliated make-up artist, free yung trial make-up hehehe... Check na lang ang the best and most affordable.

Yung seatmate ko, nag-aaral ng Cantonese. Hehehe.. Share ko lang. Thank you very much means Do Je Sai. Good -> Hou. Not Good is Mm Hou. More to come.. Aaral ako ng counting kasi minsan sa Maxim's nagbibigay muna ng number sa pagclaim ng food. Para maintindihan namen.

At ngayon, binigyan nya kami ng Logic Puzzle.. And sure enough, puzzled ako! hahaha.. Pamatay! Challenging.. hehehe.... Try solving this:

A murder has just happened and both the murderer and murdered is unknown. There are five candidates for the roles of victim and murderer, living in 5 houses, with 5 hobbies, 5 dogs and five cars. Below are clues that should lead you to which person got killed and which person did the murder.

As a preliminary tip: Make a drawing of the five houses.

The "Who Killed Who" Murder Mystery Clues:

1. - The Motivator plays bowls on Saturday.
2. - When facing the houses, the house with the blue roof is immediately to the right of the house with the grey roof.
3. - The man in the middle house plays golf twice a week.
4. - The woman in the house with the blue roof is a hockey player.
5. - The Scientist lives in the first house, near the cheesecake shop.
6. - The person who drives a Jaguar lives next to the man with the Dalmatian.
7. - The person who lives in the house with the red roof drives a Renault.
8. - The Scientist lives in the house next to the house with the green roof.
9. - The Accountant's house has a Volkswagen parked in the driveway.
10. - The man who drives the Lexus owns a Shitzhu.
11. - The Doctor lives in the house with the brown roof.
12. - The house with the Renault in the driveway is next to the house next door to where the Doberman lives.
13. - The murderer's Poodle went missing on Sunday.
14. - The Lawyer hates dogs but loves cheesecake.
15. - The man who drives the Porsche is a keen jogger and was seen running past the victim's house just after midnight on Wednesday.
16. - The victim used to enjoy playing lacrosse on Tuesday evenings.


Hirap no? Nasagutan nyo ba? As of this moment, hindi ko pa din ma-figure out... But I think I'm getting there. Hahaha.. Nasolve ko!!!!!! Yahoo!!! Hehehe... Gumawa-gawa pa ako ng excel file with a lot of mapping (8!) para masolve.. Wala lang.. Ka-challenge talaga.. Try nyo...

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