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>> Tuesday, January 2, 2007

[Che's VERY VERY LONG Version]

This post definitely proves that I am not a very active blogger. This recalling the past post should have been shorter than this if I constantly update our blog. But it's never too late! haha... Anyways, here goes:

Looking back, I'd say I share lots of laughters and tears this 2006. And if my memory serves me right, most time was spent preparing for our wedding, leaving the country for work, Mon and I spending more time together, gain new friends, grieve for departed loved ones and finally being married to my baby Mon.

>>> HongKong... A Series of Firsts

There were a series of firsts last year. One was being sent out of the country for work. Our company sent me a total of 4 times (which could have been more than that if I am not preparing for my wedding) for onsite assignment in HongKong. It was my first time to be on another country as well as my first to ride an airplane. Imagine my terror of experiencing upset stomach, being questioned or detained in HongKong immigration and turbulence. Good thing I never get to experience the first one but a few times I was under scrutiny by horrible immigration officers. And there was this trip that made me so nervous, I even thought we might be jumping out of the plane because of the wild ride. Hehehe..

HongKong during the time I was there has a very very cold weather. I had a rough time at first getting used to it. I usually have hot flushes and wind burns. huhuhu.. Being there for the first time made me feel like a probinsyana in the city and live at a very tall building. Going to the office just by walking, mcDonald's just about everywhere, talking in tagalog and most of the people around you don't understand, right-hand wheel vehicles, convenient transportation, wacko bus and car drivers. Hehehe..

Overlooking Siu Sai Wan through our flat (39C)

Ala tourista at Tower 5, 6th floor Lobby

It was also the first time for me to be away from my family. I really missed them that time (imagine cellfone bill reaching sky high). The agony of doing things on my own, sleeping alone in a room (yes, I used to sleep with my nanay by my side) and having no one to rely to.. so painful. Good thing, there was this ever reliable microwave oven and washing machine in our flat as well as having a very good friend/officemate Chello by my side. Super thankful din ako sa loving hubby and family ko for always cheering me up! Mwah!

My room- HK January 2006
Great thing my good luck carebear is with me. Thanks baby!
Super thankful ako kay friendship

>>> Good Friends, I have...

My frequent trips and work at ISI allowed me to have new good friends. This has been one of the many things that I thank God for -- having good relationship with co-workers. Not that I am spared of bad ones! hahaha.. I'd rather not talk about it - it's ok na naman eh... Anyhoo, I had gained some friends that seems to have known me for a long time now. And my circle of friends here at the office are actually Mon's batchmates in La Salle (Denise not in the picture). What a small world!

Chillax at Cafe Breton, GB3

Yummy Hot Pot at David's Malate

And then there's our good old friends behind us. They are the constant reminder that distance should never hinder constant communication. There's unlimited texting and yahoo messaging namen eh haha!

With the AMO! hahaha...
Chilling out at City Gardens for my bridal shower (kulang ang batswan)
* Pics with Zynies and Shungaks at the latter portion of this post

>>> And then loneliness got me...

There were a few heartaches experienced for the past year. My grandfather (Father's side), had suffered from prostate cancer. He endured the pain for a very long time but last year, he was already bedridden. We had him stay at our house so that he'll be taken care of properly and I'd say it was worthwhile. I get to appreciate my grandfather and parents more. I saw how my parents ensured that my grandfather feels at home and provide everything for him. Made me realize that I should really be more showy of my love for my parents. Spending time with my grandfather is another thing. I grew up seeing him so strong and energetic. Our family made sure that his last months here is wonderful, making him feel so loved. I sure miss my grandfather but I know he's at peace. Come the last quarter of the year, loved ones of my friends passed away too (Dads of Ate She2 and Lesley). And just before the year ends, my best friend Amor's Ama also departed. I was so devastated seeing her full of pain of what had happened. And same with my grandfather, I know he's with the Lord already.

These things made me realize that you really have to spend time with your loved ones and tell them always how much you love them. It will be a bit awkward at first, but it will be eventually be part of your routine. You'll never regret of doing it.

>>> But above it all...

Inspite of alll the lonely things that happened, 2006 has been all-in-all wonderful to me. For my family, I am really happy to see my nieces grow up. The eldest one, Krystel, has graduated from elementary and is now a dalagita. Middle child Katch had gained a lot of weight over the past few months but still cute and adorable. Our little angel Kiara is currently making progress. Yes, our dear Kiara has a mild cerebral palsy. Her case is slow development. She's now three years old but she is still on the stage of crawling and trying to stand up on her own.

Kiara had her cameo appearance at Maalaala mo Kaya as Vilma Santos' daughter. It was shown last May as a feature mother's day presentation of ABS-CBN entitled Regalo. It is about a mother's unconditional love and dedication for her daughter who had cerebral palsy. I have managed to check youtube and found out that someone uploaded the entire story! Nice one! Check this out (Part one only)..

It is the year where lots of my friends got married. There's Kim (2005 pa pero include ko na din), Bestfriend Amor, Lei, Dianne and Christie. Tayne will be getting married this May. I wonder when will the others get married. Yoohoo!! Single and attached friends, calling your attention! Hahaha...

Shungaks at Kim and Wilbert's Wedding
Zynies at Amor and Mike's Wedding
Shungaks again at Dianne and Edgar's Wedding
Zynies at Chris and Mike's Wedding

This was also the year Mon and I planned our wedding. Sure there were still petty quarrels and few tampuhans but I'd say planning th wedding made us much closer to each other. There were times that I have left Mon doing some wedding preparations all by himself since I'm in HK (awww!). Thank God our dear friend Tin was there to be of good help during those times. :) We even managed to create a wedding website to document the wedding preparations. Just click this

It was exciting yet tiring to plan a wedding. But Mon and I learned a lot from it. From our frequent Divisoria/Ongpin trips to attending bridal fairs, managing our DIY projects, scouting for suppliers and negotiating with them -- it was a blast! Aside from having our friends who really helped us a lot in our wedding preparations, I became a certified w@wie. This group of soon-to-be married was a big help in our preparations. I could not be so happier to be talking with those who can relate with your rants and raves on wedding preps.

Another is having families on both sides spend some time together through our unconventional pamamanhikan. We had it done at Big Buddha, Blue Wave Macapagal. Mon and I were both nervous at that time since we do not know if it will be ok. Our worries disappeared after seeing that both parties are in fact enjoying the event. :) Whew!!

Mon and I while waiting for the FOOD (Yes, food! =)

Two families together as one
One of the nicest things we did this year is buy furnitures and things for our house. :) Although I'd say we tried to be careful of our purchases due to the wedding, we had bought a lot of furnitures with discounts! haha.. Talk about being a wise buyer! From 10, 20 up to 40% off the furniture prices at the mall! Ang saya saya! :) We also had our frequent trips at Evangelista Makati for second hand and bargains. Too bad, we haven't taken pictures on our visit there. We will be posting some pictures here since we are pretty sure we'll be coming back there. :)

And since Mon's house stands for almost 3yrs already (and no one still lives there), we had to clean it up THOROUGHLY!! It cost us a few weekends to have it really clean. We enjoyed repainting the gates and grills though. Thanks to our relatives, Ate Daisy, Kuya Boying, Kuya Bong, Ate Mhay and the kids for helping us out! Without them, we would be really problematic about cleaning it before the house blessing. :) House blessing came (just a month before the wedding) and we again had a blast! :)

Finally, being married to the most wonderful person was the greatest thing that happened to me! It was just last November 19, 2006 that Mon and I tied the knot at Shrine of Jesus. Recalling the wedding day itself, I'd say we had a perfect (in our own tegrms hehehe) wedding. I know, I know... Utang pa namin wedding kwento and suppliers rating. That's a different story so to follow na lang. It has been only more than a month and we're still on the adjustment period (our adventures again, a different story and will be on a different post =). Sure we have the occasional tampuhans and petty quarrels, but it's just a phase of our lives. As of now, all I can say is that we are married, and we're loving it!

Posing at the Shrine of Jesus' Altar
I really love this shot! Unguarded ba.. Nhux! hehehe...

Beside the church, looking at each other. Sweet!

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