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>> Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's been two months since this blog was updated. Haayyy... Been thinking if I would still blog about the past but oh well, better late than never. So, what now??? *taking mental notes*

Ok let's start:

  • Company outing in Eagle Point Batangas (March 23-25) - had a lot of fun but it would probably be blast if Mon went with me. Got this video from Marhgil's site, grabbed it for you to see the views from Eagle Point. There's a link for the pics there but I'll post a separate pics sa multiply.

  • Another HongKong Trip (April 16-29) - was again sent by our company for our project. It's been what, 6 months since I last went there. Had lots of work lalo na nung last days ko but still managed to roam around HK (even went to Lamma Island) with two awesome gimik buddies, Ems and Ria. Harbie, your message nga pala for Ria was relayed hehehe.. Again, I have to post the pics. Ems, pengeng copy! ;)
  • Mon's birthday (May 4) - We celebrated Mon's birthday with his family at Gerry's Grill Shopwise. So convenient since it's just a few minutes away from home. Birthdays are always important with them since it is the only chance to be complete (aside from )
  • A day in Tagaytay (June 2) - Mon and I went with our office friends and Chinese officemates in Tagaytay. We enjoyed the trip a lot! Went to the zoo, ate at leslie's, stopped at Bag of Beans, rode a horse at picnic grove and bought some not-so-typical-stuffs. Pics for posting pa din. But here is one shot I really like (took this in one of the stores in picnic grove)
  • Paul and Dahl's Wedding (June 3) - he's Tin's brother. So happy that I was able to see Tin again after some time (2mos). She's based in Singapore na kasi along with Cel, Weng, Cinds and Lei. The wedding's wonderful, the food and music was superb.. made me and Mon to reminisce our own wedding. Haha.. Actually nostalgic since their church is Shrine of Jesus too. Too bad Tin and I were'nt able to spend more time together. Short lang kasi stay nya and she has lots of things to do pa. Haayyy...

  • I again became a responsible citizen by voting in last May's election. There were statements by the government that this was so far the most peaceful elections we had. I beg to disagree! That's baloney! But still, I'm very hopeful that things will go well for the people. Lord, help us..
  • Been passionate with cooking for quite some time now. Would create a separate entry for this. Too bad, I wasn't able to take pictures on all my cooking stints. Watch out for my post! :)
  • Mon and I really love the Heroes series. Hahaha.. need I say more? *impatiently waiting for season 2*
So happy to be back and blogging. :) Yey!

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harbie Thu Jun 14, 11:13:00 PM  

galaera! hehehe! matagal din yung hiatus mo ah... welcome back to the blogging world!

btw, Heroes season 2 will start at the 4th quarter of this year pa. =( Pero watch out for the "filler" series, yung "Origins". dunno kung kelan, pero post-season1, pre-season2 ata yon.


Che Fri Jun 15, 08:32:00 AM  

Hehehe.. Naku, ang dami naming napuntahan nina Ria. So thankful nga na talagang join sya sa pagliliwaliw eh. We helped her nga pala when she moved sa new place nya. Even had a mini-house warming party. hehe..

Awww... Ang tagal tagal naman! Anyways, gusto ko din naman ulitin yung buong season 1 eh. Mon and I are also reading the comics where it is based. About 30 comics yun. Andun yung origins na sinasabi mo. hehehe.. =)

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