Sunday and Missin' Home

>> Sunday, June 24, 2007

Slept really late for two consecutive nights.. We had two despedida parties for Ems since she'll be back to Manila today. :) Last night, I was able to chat with Mon for hours and made me miss home. :(

Now I'm bored and lonely.. Accompanied Ems at the bus station 7am since she's bound back to Manila (made me miss home again). Fell asleep again and woke up 10am just to find out that the washing machine stopped for the nth time. Pissed since my clothes was there since 1am. Machine worked again after trying all sorts.
Arrggghhh... I should wash the another set of my clothes or else I have nothing to wear this coming week. Hehe..

Oh well... Nothing much to do.. After eating bread for brunch, just surfed the net for news. Remembered that Tin asked me to search Connie Talbot at youtube, so i did. She's so adorable. Watched a few more videos from Britain's Got Talent show when I suddenly noticed a video by Marie Digby. I checked out her videos and got instantly hooked! Aside from being really beautiful, she's has musical talent. Super galing! Check her original composition... I'm sure you'll check out her rendition of popular songs. I really loved her versions of Makes Me Wonder by Maroon5, Nelly Furtado's Say It Right/All Good Things Come to an End, Rihanna's Umbrella and Incubus' Love Hurts.

She's from the US and digging further, I was able to see her myspace account and she already has an album. Made me more excited. :) Listened to three songs on her album and they're all good. :)

I'm actually think she has Filipino roots, tried to check wikipedia but found nothing. Probably after a few weeks, she'll have an entry there to confirm if my speculations are true. For now, I'll just enjoy watching her and listening to her songs.. Over and over! Hehehe.. Hooked nga eh! ;)

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