Rainy Days and Some Kwento

>> Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's been raining since yesterday and I don't like it that much. Hours before the rain, it's really really hot. Lightning and thunders are very frightening. It looks like it's already 7pm when it is just 11AM since it is very dark. If you're going outside, for sure you'd be wet. What makes me not like it that much is that it makes my mood gloomy. Oh well..

And now (12:20pm), just as I am about to go out and buy lunch, the sound of a very loud thunder shocked me. Looking outside (can't see the windows in my place), it again looks like 7PM. :( Haaayyzz... My growling tummy made me fo outside though it's already raining. Worse, the queue at Subway is sooo long (due to their 5.90sgd promo hehe..) So cge na nga, no complains na.. hehe..


Yesterday, I didn't have work. It was in lieu of last Saturday's holiday here in Singapore called Vesak Day. Until now, I don't know what that is. hehehe..

Good thing that it was Mon's first day of no work, we spent time together. :D We planned on going to Marina Square before lunch time 'cause I need to buy clothes for a friend's wedding this weekend. Then it rained hard but the persistent us still went outside and just thought of hailing a cab so we can go straight to Marina. But outside, it was difficult to get a cab and in a matter of seconds, we're already soaking wet. The umbrella is not much of a help as the wind is blowing in all directions. The next thing we know, we were running back to our place and just waited until the rain subsided. (tungengeks di ba? haha)

Anyways, we just spent probably an hour and a half for shopping. I bought 2 tops and leggings. So happy sa mga nabili ko... I still have to try everything together this evening though. :)


Since Thursday last week, I was restless. Mostly because I am taking mental notes of what I want to do... Eh ang dami hehehe.. ayun, kagulo what should be done first. Until now pa din actually. Probably I should list them down na talaga.


Just now (2:30pm), I felt soooooooo sleepy.. Can't afford na antukin for long so timpla na naman ng coffee. Kainis.. it meant that my aim for complete coffee withdrawal at work is a bit impossible. Basta less sugar na lang for now. hehehe...

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