First of June

>> Monday, June 1, 2009

I woke up realizing it's already first of June. A few more weeks and the first half of the year will be over.

Can't help but look back on the past few months and share my thoughst as well as the life lessons I've picked up along the way.

These are very random. Nagnonotes ako these past few weeks about my thoughts as well as the life lessons na napupulot ko along the way. So random, may tagalog, may english. hehehe..

-- Do not expect that other people will help you the way you have helped them.

-- "Everybody lies". (House M.D.)

-- May mga bagay na hindi talaga para sa'yo at kahit pa magmukmok or maghuramentado ka, hindi talaga ito mapapasa-iyo.

-- No one can please everybody and no one should as it is super stressful to do. And ultimately, you will just be bounded to just sacrifice your own happiness.

-- You can only do so much. Kaya hindi dapat pasanin ang daigdig. Mababaliw ka lang.

-- Bukod sa pamilya, mahalaga ang pagkakaroon ng malalapit na kaibigan. Sila kasi ang isa sa pinaka-epektibong 'sanity checker' sa mga bagy-bagay.

-- We are far more blessed than we thought.

-- Masarap yung feeling na you can swallow your pride and verbally say you're sorry sa taong nasaktan mo.

-- Everyday is an opportunity for us to express our affection to our loved ones. May it be a simple phone call, a simple 'pasalubong', a simple hug.

-- Sa ating lifetime, may makakasalamuha ka talagang feeling perfect, know-it-all, self-absorbed na tao. Ang malaking challenge ay pano mo ilalayo ang sarili mo sa ganitong tao dahil nakakastress!

-- One of the biggest challenge is picking up the pieces after a heartbreaking fall.

-- Namimiss ko na ang pagkanta! :p

-- It is extremely important to motivate yourself and not rely on others to do that for you.

-- Importante na i-make sure na you have enough for yourself kasi pano ka tutulong kung sarili mo hindi mo matulungan?

-- It is okay to make mistakes as long as you really learn from it and not make the same mistakes. Ang mahirap lang if with that mistake, you have unpurposedly hurt someone you love. It will be harder to cope.

-- Minsan talagang kailangan mong mapag-isa para mas makapag-isip isip.

-- A little prayer brings forth wonderful things we can ever imagine.

-- Ang sarap magshopping lalo na 'pag para sa mga taong importante sa'yo. (GSS na kasi haha)

-- It's really painful once you realized that the person you thought you knew is not the same person anymore. Not that there's nothing good out of it but it just ruined something.. something more precious than a diamond.

-- Pay yourself first.

-- At times, it may be difficult to see the brighter side of things but as soon as you have made it a part of you, it makes life much lighter and happier.

Ayan, ang mumunting anik-anik ng isip ko netong mga nagdaang buwan. :p Bow!

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