The Chili's Singapore Experience

>> Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chili's here in SG is only located at Tanglin Mall (oh, they recently announced their new branch at Resort World sentosa). Good thing, it's very near our place. But it is so in demand that you have to wait minimum 45 minutes just to get a seat. Ngiii...

We were lucky one time to get a seat within 10mins. :) Probably because it is already 2pm. Everything we ordered really made us enjoy and crave some more! Of course, the servings are huge! We had no room for desserts because of that.

Here are some pics! *salivating right now*


Hiatus Again?!

>> Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haaayyy.. been too tied with work :( And I was hoping to blog at least 4x a week. It's almost the end of January!

Would probably leave you first with one of a lot of things that made me happy during the holidays. Gifts of course! I love receiving gifts (but don't get me wrong, I do love giving gifts as well :p)

Here are the loots that I and Mon received:

1-Bag from Weng, 2- Wallet from Mon, 3 - pouch from Tin, 4 & 5 - Body scrub and wash from Lei, 6 - Ceramic Mug from our Bad Santa Game, 7 - Almires from Cel, 8 - Pashmina from Ces, 9 - Brown Jewelry Box from Tin, 10 - Four Leaf Clover Jewelry Box from Cel, 11 - Chocolate Fondue Set from WRT Pinoy Christmas Celeb, 12 - Stuffed toy, 13 - Puzzle from Cel, 14 - Her Towel from Cathy, 15 - Candle from Cel, 16 - Angel from Vinz, 17 - Bingo set from our Bad Santa Game, 18 - Thailand Items from Cel, 19 - 'C' key chain from Ces

Dami no? And that didn't include the one I received from Arlene, the Breadou key chain. Mon and I also bought a bigger TV and Nintendo Wii as our Christmas gifts to each other. Haha..


1 - His towel from Cathy, 2 - Adidas Pilipinas Shirt from Weng, 3 - Emergency Coin Bank from Weng, 4 - Transformers, 5 - Revoltech Starscream from Me, 6 - Chocolates from Weng, 7 - Egypt Toob from Me

And oh! We also got the shark cookie jar from Cel and Neil. So cute! :)

I love these gifts more because they came to the people close to my heart. Katuwa :)

Oh well, I have a lot of catching up to do. More updates to come :P


First Post of 2010..

>> Friday, January 1, 2010

Just a quick post...

We had a wonderful new year's celebration with my closest friends. Love 'em! Mon and I preferred to stay at home, just relaxing, bonding and catching up. :)


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