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>> Monday, March 14, 2011

Since yaya does not know how to cook, I have to do it. I am actually enjoying it since I really love cooking. When hubby and I got here in SG, we are so lazy to cook because it is mostly the two of us. And our first year here, we are staying with my best friend who cooks a lot so I just cook from time to time. :)

When we finally got a place of our own, we are still lazy to cook. Probably because it is just the two of us so we'd rather buy outside. :) So now is my chance especially that we want Riley to really get use to eating home-cooked foods. It is also cheaper for us to cook at home too. Anyways, here's my creamy garlic shrimp and mushroom pasta. :) They all love it so makes me wanna try some more recipes! :)

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