What's the Matter, Peanut Butter?

>> Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just thought of blogging Riley's different moods. :)

Riley's really into watching Playhouse Disney. He especially likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Special Agent Oso. Here, he looks bored but no! This is just one of the rare moments I catched him like this. Hehehe..

And when he's watching Mickey or Oso, he never notices anyone. He's too focused and it's contagious. Just look at nanay. :p
And even it is eating time, he's tulala and seems to not care about his food. But stop for a moment and he'll stare at his food asking for some more! :p Lately, we are trying not to open the TV when he's eating so he knows that he must finish eating first before doing anything else. Good that most of the time now, we feed him earlier than his fave shows because he's up earlier than usual. :)
Multi-tasker? Playing with his toy while watching tv hehe.. :)
You might think that he watches too much TV but I think not. He has his usual play, singing and reading time. Here he is playing with his toes...

and eating them! hahaha..
And oh! If he's hungry, don't mess with him! He knows what food is.. (Daddy looks afraid haha)

Here he is one time we tried giving him green mango. He loves it and when I told him he had enough, this is how he looked like. Nggiii... hehehe..

The usual Riley when he wakes up or when he's really antok na..

and finally, the super pilyo and playful baby!

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