Today is a Brand New Day

>> Monday, February 12, 2007

Here's a wonderful line that perked up my day...

"There is a purpose within you that has stayed alive just so it can be expressed right now. Listen to that purpose, feel its richness and the genuine joy that it offers, and follow where it leads..."

Weekend Recap:

Since I have been staying late at the office, Mon and I barely have enough sleep. He would go home and wait for my text as to what time he'll fetch me so he can do some house chores or just kill time. That's one thing I really appreciate from my husband. He'd really insist on fetching me when I need to render OT. I find it so sweet. :) Anyways, we just spent the whole Satruday at home, doing small chores and sleeping almost all day. hahaha... Mon cooked lunch for both of us and this time, walang nasunog at sobrang alat na food. We slept around 2pm and got up around 6pm na. That's the only time, I washed our clothes using our ever-reliable washing machine. Hehehe..

[Sunday] Bought groceries at BF around 7am. Sobrang enjoy ko ung grocery trips namen ni Mon. Kasi naman, I get to feel na misis na misis ako. Hahaha.. When we arrived, ayun luto na ako ng food for our lunch as well as pambaon for the week (Feeling expert haha..). I planned to go to Cathy's house sana to return the digicam we borrowed for our Bohol-Cebu Trip (naiibahan ako, sanay ako na tawagin si Cathy nang Bayong eh hahaha peace Yong!). Pero etong si mon, wants to stay at home daw so I put off my plan. Within the week ko na lang papadaan kay Mon ung camera since malapit lang naman sina Bayong samen. :)

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weng Wed Feb 14, 02:48:00 AM your adventures!

and i'm happy you're loving your new life now. :)

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