A Boring Monday and Weekend Recap

>> Friday, February 16, 2007

Yes it is a boring Monday. Just doing some work and some stuff. Later, we'll meet my pamangkin Revo since he'll be staying over again at our house. He's currently doing their thesis and they need to develop a web application using Java. I gave him an overview last night but I still don't know what other approach we can do to fasttrack everything.

Online diary na talaga ito! :D Here's the recap:

[Friday Evening]

Weng and I had a chat. As usual ang dami naming napagusapan from cellphones, savings, birthdays and kalokohan. I found out that she bought a new phone! A Sony Ericsson z610i!!! Ganda, very classic. Black and gray fones always look classy. :) Anyways, here are some excerpts:

--> Excerpt 1
Weng: at saka nga ni-take ko na sign yung pagdating namin ng galle kahapon, yun yung unang store na sumalubong samin
chinggay: usap kami ni tin one time, sabi ko swerte pala ko pagdating sa cellfones
Weng: bakti?
Weng: bakit?
chinggay: hehehe
chinggay: bakti == bakat panti
chinggay: :))
Weng: hahahahahaha
Weng: lokaloka ka talaga

-> Excerpt 2
Weng: e bakit ka nga swerte sa mga cellphones?
chinggay: hehehe.. kasi ung una kong cellfones, galing lang sa tatay ko..
chinggay: tapos once lang ako biling fone.. mura pa, 2nd hand.. ung 6210 ko na silver..
chinggay: alala mo pa un?
chinggay: tapos ung 7250 ko, free lang ng tatay ko sa globe.. inangkin ko nmn
chinggay: tapos ung ngayon free sa raffle
DI BA ANG SWERTE KO? hehehe.. sana tuloy tuloy na ito!

When Mon arrived to fetch me, stay pa sya konti dito sa office. Then when we finally went out of the office, sobrang traffic naman. People might be having their post-valentine celebration because I saw a few couples and most of the ladies are holding roses. hehehe.. humahabaol.. We decided to take UN instead of the usual Roxas Blvd route. Ayun, bigla kong naalala yung japanese resto where Snowy treated us. Newfound love ko yung Tempura hehehe.. kaya ayun, kain kame para iwas traffic. Natuto na din ako kumain ng maki lalo na ng sashimi! But I think dalawa lang ung take kong kainin -- tuna and salmon. Pero super fave ko salmon. Hehehe.. Anyways, here are some pictures. (Busog *yum yum* hahaha...)

When we got home, relax lang kame. I got a call at 1230midnight from Tin and chika na to the max sa cellphone. For sure taas na naman ng bill netong si Christina hehehe.. Natapos na kame mga 2am na dahil parehong fones namen sumuko na hahaha..


We woke up late hehehe.. I woke up 9am and Mon, 30 minutes earlier. Usually we wake up at around 7-730am even it is weekend. Nagbabawi kame ng tulog since we palaging puyat. 11AM, we're on our way to Bayong's place. Kakatuwa dahil ang dating taga-Pasay, nasa south na. :p Went there para soli yung camera na hiniram namen for our Cebu-Bohol trip (ang tagal na kakahiya) hehehe... Ayun, chikahan na din at buti nagising si Gian. Ayun, walang patid na ako sa pagpictures. Here are some of our inaanak's pictures:

We left Bayong's place at around 1230pm and decided to go to BF for lunch. Dapat KFC pero we settled for Shakey's na lang. Yun, I called Tin para mangumusta, chika pa din! Hahaha.. Lasted more than 10mins. Parang ang tagal na nde nagusap eh.. We decided to meet sa tropical dahil may bibilhin sya so Mon and I decided to buy some stuff na for the house. When Tin and I met, Mon went back to our house to give us some alone time among other reasons (*wink*). Yun, Tin and I stayed at Starbucks until 5pm. hahaha.. can't get enough of our bonding and chikahan.


Went to BF wet market to buy our pambaon for the coming week. Seafood and vegetable ang theme namen ni Monching. Hehehe.. Bought tilapia, shrimp, squid, asohos etc. hehehe.. We decided to have lunch at Mon's dad. I tried to "grill" our tilapia using our microwave oven pero sawimpalad. Hahaha.. 30mins na half cooked pa lang ung fish! Hahaha.. Then we tried combination mode ayun, steamed fish ang labas. hehehe.. In fairness, they liked it a lot hehehe... Afternoon, we just watched tv and waited for Revo to arrive. Tapos turo na ko java while Mon went upstairs to clean (ambait di ba?!) and then do something in our computer.

Yun lang.. what a busy weekend! Pero enjoy naman ;)

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