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>> Thursday, February 22, 2007

It's great to have a chance to blog again! If only it was possible at work, I would have more posts. Unfortunately, due to the tightened security in the office, I can't blog there. :(

The only time I get to post is when I'm here in Che's office waiting for her to finish whatever tasks she is doing.

Last night, we watch Ghost Rider starring Nicholas Cage and Eva Mendes. I'm not really a big GhostRider (comics) fan, but I really like the movie itself. It was the first movie Che and I watch since... hmmmm... what was the last movie we watched? Can't remember.....

Anyway, my brain is still aching as I had a product training earlier from 3PM up to 7:30PM. Quite hungry, actually. Good thing Che has some Sunmaid Raisins here. Hehehe

I guess I'll just have to work on that Bohol-Cebu post I should have posted weeks ago.. Oh well.. Better late than never.... :-)

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