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>> Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just got home from watching Harry Potter at IMAX cinema in SM Mall of Asia. I am with my Mon and our very dear friend Cathy (too bad her husband Gilbert's out of the country , it could have been a double date hehe).

Two words after seeing the film, ecstatic and moved. Lost for words actually in elaborating what I felt but I know after some time, I'll be able to update this blog with more details. But I think as I go on composing this entry, more of my emotions will come out. :)

I am not a Harry Potter book reader. I think I'm a bit "napag-iwanan" after seeing the first Harry Potter film. So, I'm just looking forward to seeing the films for every book published. Haha..

I have been reading blogs and hearing from people how they're a bit disappointed or did not find the film really beautiful. Most avid readers have been expecting a bit more from each Harry Potter film shown. Some think there were details from the book which could have been included in the film to develop the story better. Or that there could be more parts of the storyline worth including than what was shown. Or maybe some parts of the story are changed in the film and sorta ruined the actual story. With all these, I think that sort of made more benefit than damage to me. ;) No offense to the book readers, this is just personal opinion. I watched the film contented of what was developed from the previous Harry Potter films. I watched without thinking what happened in the book. I have no anticipations and whatsoever of what's the next scene because I am totally unaware of it. Having read the book before watching sorta pre-empted one's emotions already since they have expressed the surprised, anger, joy and all other feelings ever possible to feel while reading the book. Not that no emotions were expressd during watching, pre-empted lang ng konti. Hehehe.. Kumbaga, bawas na kasi alam na ang story. hehehe..

I was thinking of adding spoilers to this entry since I have other questions or opinions on the scenes. I'll just update this blog along with our kulit pics. hehehe.. Oh! come to think of it, I think now's the right time to read the book for answers.. Hmmmm... there's always my friends who are avid Harry Potter book readers to share the rest of the story to me.. hahaha... Damn! a bit lazy to read the book ;)



From what I heard, 350 pesos is the usual rate for full-length films in IMAX. Just because Harry Potter is so in-demand, it became a whooping 400bucks! Yeah! The place is really huge. Cathy, Mon and I have been guessing the height of the screen. I check the ever reliable wikipedia and learned that "A standard IMAX screen is 72.6 feet wide and 52.8 ft high (22 x 52.8 m), but can be larger."

We had several pics at the cinema and pics where we had the 3d glasses on was hilarious (or si Mon lang pala). Heheheh... Enjoy!

I realized I missed the times when we watch almost all good and not-so-good films (mostly at glorietta). Most of the times, it's me, Mon and Cathy watching movies together. We have a very good strategy where Cathy and I would fall in line first (to get good seats) and Mon will be buying popcorn and all other stuff hehehe.. Those were the days. haaayyy...

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harbie Thu Jul 19, 02:46:00 AM  

the book is "always" better than the movie... but i believe it should not even be compared in the first place. shempre, depende sa imagination ng reader yon eh, di ba? =)

Che Thu Jul 19, 08:12:00 AM  

Hehehe.. I totally agree with you.. Book always contain more details than the movie since the story should fit the at least 2hrs of viewing time. Siguro some readers are just too much into the book that they can't help but compare.

Hopefully I'll have the time to read book 5. You think it's better to read starting from the first book or enough na din yung sa book 5? ;)

Christina Thu Jul 19, 09:36:00 AM  

i have same emotions with che... probably pareho kasi lazy to read the book... hahaha. anyway, i enjoyed the movie as well. wasn't expecting any but i was satisfied with what i've seen. hi harbie... =)

weng Thu Jul 19, 10:00:00 PM  

ako naman..parang i'm not expecting much from the film pero seeing it made me confused (to think reader pa ako) kaya na-disappoint ako ng konti.

now, i'm rereading book 5.

nevertheless, i still LOVE Harry Potter. nothing changed. ;)

che..oks lang siguro mag-start ka sa book 5 kasi parang that's where the action really begun.

i realized that i like book 5. kasi nung hiniram ko book 5 ni yong, parang kinalimutan ko sya agad after ko basahin. but now, mar-rank na sya sa mga fave HP titles ko.

naiiyak na ako kasi lalabas na book 7 sa saturday. parang magkukulang na ang buhay ko pag natigil na ang story nina Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Neville.

ang haba ng comment ko

Che Fri Jul 20, 08:35:00 AM  

Wengcie, hindi ko nga napansin na mahaba na ang comment mo eh. Pero grabe no? Parang ang dami kong nababasa na sobrang disappointed sa movie kasi so far daw eh pinakamakapal na book sya ng HP and yet sya ang shortest among all films. Nyeks! Kaya siguro ang daming nagrereklamo. Hehehe..

Yey! Buti na lang keri na ang book 5 lang hehehe.. I wonder kung may e-book nun (hindi fake ah!) hehehe.. Baka meron ka Weng. PENGE!!!! ;)

harbie Sat Jul 21, 06:15:00 AM  

uy tin! dito pa daw tayo "nagkita"! hehe! may i link you up? =)

as for the books, you may kill me now, because i haven't read a single HP book. hehehe! i stopped watching sa second movie, kasi parang gusto ko muna mabasa eh. i'm waiting for book 7, then bibili ako ng set, isang upuan na basa lang (i wish!). *lol*

Che Sat Jul 21, 09:04:00 AM  

hehe.. oo nga.. blogs really make a way to reconnect hehe.. :)

Pare-pareho pala tayong hindi HP readers (bukod kay Weng). Hahaha.. Sana nga mabasa mo yung buong book.

My officemate got a pdf version of HP book 7. He thinks it's not a hoax since there's images of the actual book photographed per page. Tapos pinagtyagaan daw ng mga super avid HP readers to create the PDF version. Hehehe...

weng Sat Jul 21, 12:57:00 PM  

Books 5 and 6 coming to your email. Intay mo lang.

As for book 7, meron na rin si cindyrella kaso lang winiwish ko na fake yun para lang maasar sya! :p

Hingi ka copy nung ebook sa officemate mo che. Gusto ko magkaron nun.

HARBS! dito mo pala ako nakita. hehe..

ji Mon Jul 23, 11:52:00 PM  

hahaha ang funny ng itsura ni mon. katuwa :D

harbie Tue Jul 24, 04:45:00 AM  

semi-spoilers ahead....

i heard that not only 1 major character died... or is that the one on the hoax version of book7? i know a couple of people who finished the last installment sa isang upuan, ganda daw!!! =)

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