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>> Wednesday, July 25, 2007

For weeks now, our little pinscher dog Jessie has been acting weird. She is usually the very excited dog when it comes to food. She is not the typical breed dog that only eats dog food. She likes variety, so we ensure that a round robin of food types are given to her (rice with viand, bread or dog food). In fact, we sometimes cook rice and viand just for her! Hehehe.. When we give her rice and viand, she has no complains whatsoever as long as the viand is different each day. Oh! and my dear friends at the office even pack their leftovers for Jessie. Talk about spoiled dog. Tsk tsk.. We have different speculations but we think it is due to her staying with Mon's dad to be paired with dad's dog named "Doggie".

Now, she looks at us with pure disgust if we try to give her rice (with different viands) for two or three consecutive days. She will just smell it or try to taste a bit. Mon and I are most of the times frustrated with her that he talks to her like a human. "Namimiss mo na si doggie noh?", "Kainin mo yan!", "Ang arte-arte mo Jessie ha", "Ano ka, naka-hunger strike?" Funny! Hahaha..

So, what we do now is make sure that we never ran out of any food that she likes. Hopefully she returns to her old self. Or maybe... just maybe, she's pregnant! Need to bring her to a vet. Tsk tsk.. inunahan pa ako..

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harbie Thu Jul 26, 07:29:00 AM  

*lol* naka-hunger strike?! ano kaya ang kanyang "ipinaglalaban"? ibalik kay doggie? hehehe!

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