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>> Thursday, July 17, 2008

It seems that having no work also meant being a bum at blogging. :) Will post some happenings for the past few weeks on another post. Just have to share what happened today.

I am on SVP until today but Mon applied at MOM so I can have a dependent pass. But the agent's instructions are unclear that I dunno if we need to give them the papers or I claim myself. Good thing Cel and Weng had prior experiences on this one. So I went to MOM for it and it's a coincidence that Tita (Weng's mom) will also claim her long term pass. I had someone with me while waiting for the card....
She arrived way earlier than I did so she got me a number while I was on the way. Had an encounter with another Pinoy who got the queue number 177 (and the currently served number is around 90+, though it's quite fast). Tita just gave the other number that she got for me (147 hehehe).

Since the card pickup time is 1130am for her and 1230 for me, we had our brunch at a cafe near MOM ('twas just 10am that time). Had a nice pasta and sandwich along with chitchats. Made me miss my nanay. Haayy.. Hopefully she can come here this year too.

Got back at around 11am, Tita got her card already. I didn't bring enough cash thinking that I can pay via nets. Tried withdrawing but I can't - syempre panic mode na. Tita had an extra but it is for the gas installation on their new home, which is scheduled today at 130pm. She had to wait for me to see if nets will work, else she'll just lend me the extra money. Hayy.. Ayun, it worked naman. But she could have left at around 1120am ('twas 12+ when I got my card) :-s

Well, got home and just chatted with friends. And Weng sent me this via IM -- this made my day..

"These are exactly the words i want to say to you

When you lose your own anchoring self-esteem in the face of a storm of personal criticism, it is so relieving to be able to have someone who knows you well enough to be able to say with confidence that the criticism is wrong. I was told several times that I was too weak and too dependent on my partner - she seemed to take the view that any reliance on other people was a weakness. And for a while I almost believed this was true.

As the weeks have passed I have regained my strength, my confidence, and enough anger to protect myself and define my own boundaries. But there were days where I really did need support, and I am profoundly grateful to you for the way you helped me through this time."


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