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>> Monday, November 3, 2008

I normally blog hop when I am drained. A few minutes of browsing really helps to relax my fried brain from having the 8-hour job. I noticed that there are a lot of bloggers who sort-of define a subject for each day of the week. So from now on, I will try to do the same. Though my blog will not be limited to the subjects I'll define. The list I thought of was...

  • Thankful Monday -> good to start the week with your heart full of gratitude
  • Wordless Tuesday -> sometimes silence means a lot
  • Lovely Wednesday -> love is everywhere
  • Top Ten Thursday -> a thought on just about anything
  • All-Good Friday -> to appreciate all the good things in life
  • Photo Hunt Saturday -> looking back is always fun
  • Food Sunday -> anything from foods that satisfy our body to foods that feed our soul
There! I'm so excited to do this. :p

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