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>> Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Came across this nice True Love Tag.

>> What does true love mean to you?
True love is unconditional.

>> How do you know you’re really in love?
When I'm not just thinking about myself anymore

>> How many times in your life have you fallen in love?
Just twice BUT the first one was definitley nowhere near the love that I have for Mon.

>> Have you ever fallen out of true love because you were mad at the moment?
No, else it's not actually true love.

>> Do you feel love and physical attraction are the same thing?
No, though there are some people who can't distinguish the difference (ngii)

>> If your true love became ill or disfigured would you continue to love them the same way?
Of course, because true love doesn't have boundaries.

>> Should anyone else be able to tell you who to love or not love?
Definitely NO.

>> Do you believe people that ended up divorced were ever truly in love?
Yes but wasn't able to handle each other's differences too well.

>> Would you do anything for love?

>> If you truly love someone, do you feel it should be unconditional?
Yes it should be.

If you like it, please feel free to blog it yourself. :p

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