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>> Sunday, November 2, 2008

Here is my official kwento on our yesterday's kitakits for Avenue Q last Nov 1. Will blog in bullets para mas mabilis.. :))

  • Weng was in charged of booking the tickets for us. And it was Weng's lucky day because the system assigned her reservation in front row! :) Ticket was a whooping 123 SGD but we are so sure it's worth it.
  • Met at aroung 5pm at Marina Square, we had our early dinner (as per my request) at Breeks Cafe. Had a very sumptuous set of meal. :p
  • Since we ate a lot and we are still a bit early for the play, we decided to walk outside esplanade and take some pics.
  • I think it was around 730PM that we finally entered the theater. And whoah! we're really in front row. As in first row, middle. Woohoo. The stage is probably 2-feet away. And though the management explicitly said we can't take photos, we had sneaked for a few not-so-good-shots. Oh well, what the heck! At least we have some pics :))
  • We really had a lot of fun watching the play. We even had some moments where we recalled our Miss Saigon stage play gig a few years back. Filipino performers are really amazing and world-class! (not that I am a Filipino hehehe..).
  • After that two and a half hour play, seems that we can't get enough of each other hahaha.. Sinulit na talaga ang minsang mga gimik. So we opted to have coffee.. Starbucks is the nearest one, so off we go. And yey! Starbucks Special Christmas Season drinks are back! This time, it's Dark Cherry Mocha and Toffee Nut!
  • So the usual chikahan and keep ups.. had a lot of fun.. The pictures said it all. :) Whoops! Kainis, wala pala akong group pic sa starbucks. :p

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