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>> Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's been months since I have last posted an entry here. My fault. Mostly pure katamaran to blog. Whenever I attempt to write, nothing comes out of my mind. Probably because there are a lot of things going on in my life, I don't know where to start. Oh well, for the next few entries, you'll be bombarded with what happened in my life for the past months. :p I really have to make bullet points to make sure I will cover everything that I still remember And apart from that, I still have lots of to-dos. Nggiii.. afraid na ako.. it piled up already! haha..

To-blog List
- On our own in Singapore
- Christmas 2008
- Happy 2009
- Back to Pinas 2009
- Hearts Day 2009
- Series Watching
- Fave TV Shows
- Facebook Addiction
- Office Rants
- Healthier Us

To-do List
- Clean up emails
- Upload truckloads of pics from my digicam
- Scan old pics and upload it
- Tidy up out flat better

I have started with scanning old pics. Will probably be uploading it in multiply one of these days. Cleaning of emails - check! Now, Mon and I have started tidying up our place by putting stuffs (mostly for our families in Pinas) in boxes.

Haayyy, hopefully I will be able to complete my blog updates this week despite my busy work sched. 'Til my next entry. :

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