Aching All Over..

>> Friday, March 27, 2009

Physically... Seriously.. I have been going to the gym for quite some time now.

Why it's aching? Well, I had a second session with my trainer last Wednesday. And oh my! seems that all my muscles, ligaments, tendons and fats were shocked about the movements my body has made. Haha.. The trainer gave me a routine that I can use whenever I go to the gym. Some can actually be done at home since there's no equipment required.

Yesterday, seems that every hour the pain is intensified. Until now it's painful... Waaahhhh... I was even planning on going to the gym later this evening pero when I woke up today, nah! Ang sakit pa din!!! Que horror!

During my first session, what ached a lot was my upper body (especially the abs and arms). The pain made us suffer for a week. Hopefully history won't repeat itself with the recent routine.

Oh well, at least we can be sooo sure that our trainer knows what parts we actually need to work on (in our case, ENTIRE BODY! hahaha..)

Husband and I are still in the stage where I need to really dedicate at least 3x a week hitting the gym or at least do some exercise at home if I can't. They really say that the first month is the deciding stage. Whether or not to continue exercising. I have been there many times and now I won't give up! We really have to be health-conscious now. Oh yeah, I think it comes with age! haha..

We are also gradually changing our diet. So far, we are eating frequently but with smaller portions. We are trying just a bit or no rice at all! A challenge for us hahaha..

Just not sure with Mon now.. Since he's back home, I'm sure he'll be eating a lot. He is surrounded with people who will really feed him well. Just now, my nanay told me, she put tocino, suman and hotdogs (etc) in our ref so husband won't be hungry. haha..

Oh well, one thing I have been doing is not stocking up on so much food at home. At least unhealthy ones. We are chowing down dark, bittersweet chocolates instead of the milky ones due to its health benefits. We went back to eating wheat breads now. We make sure to drink soya milk (trim) and more water.

What's next? To add in our diets more fruits and veggies. To make sure that we drink our daily dose of vitamins. To ultimately live a healthier, fat-free life...

Goodluck to us! Aja! Haha..

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