>> Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just now, I'm about to explode. I am so.. so irritated with a colleague. First, he had re-installed the core framework of our application in one of our deployment servers. All the currently running apps doesn't work anymore. I and another colleague resolved the issue. But it took time since there's a lot to verify and what he did had drastic effects on our apps.

Afterwards, he kept on bugging me. Asking me questions, making me do things, which honestly, is fine with me despite of my other tasks to complete. Then! He came to my place, ranting about the problem. Told him that it's good most issues are already resolved. Then as he was about to go somewhere, I remembered something that I need to clarify. When I told him, he said, he has a lot of things to do. The nerve!!! Imbyerna talaga. I didn't complain when he bugged me a couple of times regardless of my workload and yet, 1 simple question, he dismisses me?! Grrrr... I told him that it's just one question and I'm sure it would not take a long time to answer. And true enough when I asked my question, it took him less than a minute to answer.


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