Update 1: On our Own in Singapore

>> Tuesday, March 3, 2009

As part of my catching up plan, here it is. :p

We have recently moved to our new place. We have been staying with our very good friend, Cel and her family for more than a year now. She's expecting her second child and they will need more space for their growing family.

We had a lot of fun staying at their place. That flat filled us with fond memories.. From the endless kainan (kaya ang taba namin ni Mon) to our playtime with David and to our 'gimik nights' which are purely series/movie

watching at home, videoke galore (with choreos hahaha), game nights or just the simple magdamagang chikahan.

We will surely miss the times where we are greeted with David's "Hi Ninong! Hi Ninang!" (which was previously Nonong and Nanang hahaha..) and his countless "paghila" to us to play with him and stay with him in their room.

Good thing is... We're just a couple of blocks away! Hahaha.. In short, kapitbahay pa din. Cel and her family are still having a vacation in Manila when we found 'our' place. I was just browsing a website containing units for rent when I came across this ad with pictures posted. I immediately setup a viewing appointment that same day and I loooovvee the place. Though it's only in second floor, doesn't matter. The place is newly renovated,

which nice kitchen and cabinets. The sofa and beds are new as well. So with that, we didn't think twice of getting it aside from the fact that it's very near Cel's place.

We moved last December. It was a very tiring 'lipat bahay'. We were amazed that we have a lot to carry to our new place! We went back and forth our new place to get our things. Add to that the task to arrange things and do our everyday tasks (work, clean, laundry, cook, etc). It took us a while before we have sort of completed arranging our things. And until now, we still have some stuffs to do for the place, but we're getting there.

We really like the place and we have adjusted in a short time. It's as if we are in our place in Sucat (minus the bigger space to clean :p). Alone together. Hehehe.. But eversince Mon started in his new job, whichs is

shifting :(, I am still adjusting to sleeping alone at night. But that's a different story. Will create a separate post for that. :)

Once we're done tidying up our place so it would look more presentable, I'll post pics. :D

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