One More Week..

>> Wednesday, October 28, 2009

til it's work mode again. Though next week, my boss will be giving me some tasks that I need to work on from home. I have to get my groove back as the coming weeks are going to be very hectic. I just hope that even though it'll be busy months ahead, I still have a chance to go home early on some days specially that Christmas season is near (and our anniversary as well).

Thinking about it, we won't be home for Christmas.. again. :( This will be the third Christmas away from home. We always head back home during CNY. Hopefully this time, we can have a longer vacation probably 2 -3 weeks.

As for our anniversary, we're cooking a simple yet special celebration. It will be just a few days of R&R as we won't be able to travel even to nearby countries like Malaysia and Indonesia (though I am hoping we can still accomodate it early next year :p).

Oh well, I must make most out of the few more days of rest. Have to make a last minute list of to dos. :p

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